Jun 4th, 2012

Those that saw the rise of the gaming industry remember Resident Evil. The series was offered a very differnt style of gameplay, and quickly became one of the most popular games in the market. Especially after Resident Evil 2. Over a decade and a half later, we find ourselves witnessing the announcement of Resident Evil 6. And let us tell you, it looks great.

With Leon as the main character, the user will find himself in yet another country overtaken by zombies. The game seems to start with Leon protecting a younger girl (as usual), who seems to be involved to the zombie outbreak in some way. Crowds of flesh-hungry zombies and helicopters attacking Leon will keep users on the edge of their seats, so let’s wait and see when this one hits the streets.

In other news, Microsoft has also announced that Resident Evil 6 DLC content will be released exclusively through Xbox 360. This will only be for the beginning, though. The game should reach other consoles in time. Enjoy the gameplay and stay tuned to GameFans for upcoming details!