Jun 5th, 2012 publishUpdated   Nov 20th, 2012, 1:06 pm

One of the main concerns for the Wii U announcement is whether or not it would have the gritty, visceral games that make PS3 and Xbox 360 such hits with the hardcore crowd. We’re happy to announce that ZombiU features this gritty gameplay and is likely the most unique zombie shooter you’ll experience.

One bite in ZombiU and you’re done, as you’ll see in our preview video. The graphics are stunning and the atmosphere we explored felt as creepy as could be. You’ll also notice that there’s no auto-reload when you’re out of ammo, so you’ll need to plan your shots tactically. For those who discounted Nintendo as a casual hardware manufacturer, ZombiU is the single title for Wii U that rubs this statement in their faces.

The other neat thing we saw was the scanner in the game, which allows you to search for clues using the Wii U touch remote. The character holds the scanner in the same position as you as you move around, which is an interesting take. We didn’t encounter anything to scan in our preview, but the technology is interesting nonetheless.