Jun 8th, 2012

With E3 2012 finally drawing to a close, we managed to squeeze in a few more gameplay videos before getting kicked out of the showroom floor. The game that was still on our list to check out before the event ended? Darksiders 2 developed by Vigil, and published by THQ.

The original title kinda flew under the radar and although sales weren’t exactly what the developers had hoped, it was still a solid title and great reviews were enough to warrant a sequel. And for that — we are thankful. Darksiders 2 looks to build upon the original, this time putting players into the role of Death — another one of the Four Horseman of the¬†Apocalypse¬†— as he causes destruction in a story that runs parallel to the original Darksiders game. It’s up to Death to set things right and rescue the previous protagonist, War, and prevent the complete destruction of all mankind. Intense.

Our hands on dealt with the first level of the game, getting players accustomed to new controls and gameplay mechanics, and ends with a mini-boss battle that Ashley deals with skillfully (she’s a big Darksiders fan). Check it out and let us know what you think.