Jun 9th, 2012

What happens when you combine Nintendo’s Super Smash Bro’s with some of the most iconic Playstation (and non-PS) characters this side of anywhere? Well, you get Sony’s upcoming Playstation All-Stars Battle Royale. Comparison’s between this and SSB are a given, and something I’m sure the developers used as a blueprint throughout the development process, and for good reason. 4-on-4 fighting games are few and far between, and Nintendo nailed one out of the ball park with the release of SSB. Sony knew this and felt they needed something of their own, hence, Playstation All-Stars Battle Royale was born.

We got some quick hands-on with the title at E3 this year and will conclude our coverage of the event for this year. Initial impressions for the game are that it felt a lot like SSB, only… a lot less inspired. Nintendo’s franchises are embedded deep in the psyche of gamers everywhere, relying on nostalgia and playing off the emotions of when we were young. Sony’s efforts fall short in that we don’t have much history with many of the characters making an appearance in PASBR — with many characters not even found exclusively on Sony’s Playstation platform (Big Daddy or Fat Princess for example). While the game isn’t bad by any means, it did manage to lack a little bit of the “magic” from Nintendo’s offering. Being able to play the exact same game on the PS Vita (even using the handheld as an extra controller on the console version) was definitely welcomed and a nice feature we’d like to see more of.

Of course, that’s just an initial impression with our very short time with the title and you can see a short clip of myself and Ashley giving PASBR a spin in the video above. How do you guys feel about the title? Do you think Sony has a hit on their hands? Or would you like to see a few more iconic Sony characters make the cut (cough, Spyro and Crash Bandicoot, cough)?