Jun 18th, 2012

According to Best Buy, the Wii U may be available in black or white versions on the day of release. After doing a search around the Best Buy website, you can see both versions listed with a “Coming Soon” status. These listings don’t include any pre-order information, although, they do have console specific information; if you haven’t had your fill.

Nintendo has yet to release any information as for an exact release date, for now we can expect to wait until sometime around the holidays this year. For those of us waiting for an exact date, you will just have to sit, and wait patiently.

These console colors are to be expected, and seem to be the usual. Were there any colors you were hoping for?  Anything unusual or out of the ordinary? Personally, I think It would be nice to see console manufacturers to stray from the norm.


[Via ComplexGames]