Jun 22nd, 2012

We may argue about whether or not console gaming is dissipating, mobile gaming is at an increase, but it’s just not ready to overtake gaming on a console, yet.

In the past, we had discussed that mobile gaming might be taking over. Mobile gaming can be more convenient, original, and bring new exciting ideas to how we play games. However, it makes us wonder, can it really overtake console gaming?

According to Statista, in 2011 console gaming was still where the money was made, when it comes to the console vs mobile gaming debate. For now, don’t fear, console gaming won’t be going away for quite some time.

The smartphone industry has started changing gaming as a whole, but in order for mobile games to take over, we need to have a solution that doesn’t require much setup. Mobile gaming has gained popularity, due to the fact it’s easy to use, while also being extremely convenient. Although, if you want to play a mobile game on an HDTV or use it as a full blown console, it takes quite a few steps to setup, which takes away the convenience factor. With a console, all it takes is hitting a few buttons and you’re ready to play with your family, and friends.

What do you all think? Are your consoles slowly starting to collect dust while your smartphone is multi-tasking between Angry Birds and Temple Run?

[Via Mashable]