Jul 13th, 2012

The gaming world seems to be staunchly divded on the recent news of the android-powered Ouya console. Some see it as a industry changer, others see it as a disaster waiting to happen. Yesterday it was reported about industry veteran Mark Friedler thinking the Ouya will be as big as the iPhone. Today we have an opinion from the other side of the lines saying how the console could be a “black hole of losses.” Co-founder of the Pandora console Craig Rothwell casts doubt on the Ouya living up to the mass amount of hype and expectations that is has created. He stated to PocketGamer UK:

You simply cannot make a quality console and controller for $99, no matter how low you go in China. Even a Chinese semi-slave production line won’t hit $99 at that spec, as the big name parts they are talking about are a set cost.

My feelings are that at that price – and remember you have to take off the Kickstarter fees, which brings the console and touchpad-equipped controller in at less than $99 – they will be making a loss on each unit sold.

The Pandora

Rothwell is no stranger to having lofty expectations set upon him and not fully delivering. The Pandora ran into a ton of delays before finally launching. If the Ouya’s number aren’t sold, Rothwell believes the upcoming console will share the same fate. He states:

We worked out all costs and had quotes which we went public with, and even then everything which could go wrong did go wrong. We survived by the skin of our teeth and via some very, very kind customers and developers.

Now we have been though that baptism of fire, and know everything that is involved, it’s clear that a race to the lowest possible price isn’t how you succeed. That’s generally how things can go majorly wrong; when trying to come to market with a rock bottom price, one error, one contractor messing up, and it’s curtains.

Because Ouya is already being sold at that rock bottom price before going to production, there is no way for them to adjust for error. I hope they have a big secret pile of cash they can call on if they need it.

When all the hype dies down, this machine could well be DOA, and Ouya could be looking at a giant black hole of losses.

All these differences in opinion are great reads but we can all agree that we won’t know until this thing actually launches.

What do you all think? Which side of the fence are you on with the Ouya?

[via GamesIndustry]