Jul 17th, 2012
Go ahead, try and touch his hat

ZombiU has a lot of people both excited and upset: excited for a new zombie gaming experience, upset about it’s Wii U exclusivity. Regardless of wherever you fall on that emotional range, you have to admit ZombiU is looking to be quite the engrossing experience. The two videos below help to solidify that outlook by showing gameplay footage from two levels: the nursery and outside Buckingham Palace.

The Nursery looks particularly unnerving. Making your way through what was at one time a place of happiness and innocence has now been transformed into one of the most terrifying areas you could be trapped in; complete with background child giggles (seriously, when is backgound ghost children laughter ever NOT unnerving?).

As for the grounds of Buckingham Palace, I am always a fan of being out in the open when it comes to horror survival games. I know it may not be the smartest to be outside in an area for all the zombie ridden world to see but it just helps me breath a little easier than having mini heart attacks everytime i peek around every dark corner of various inside creepy locations. As you can see in the video though, the more space there is outside equals the more quantity of zombie encounters, which obviously doesn’t end well for our hero at the end of the video.

YouTube user 92kettle made an interesting comment about the possibility of a certain boss battle at Buckingham:

What if the queen just happened to be in Buckingham palace when this zombie breakout happened. and got bitten by a zombie. what a boss fight that would be with her zombie corgies.

We can only hope 92kettle, we can only hope.