Jul 19th, 2012

FarSight Studios has been selling lots of games over the past 20 years with releases as far back as NES and as recently as PlayStation Vita. Pinball Arcade is the studio’s biggest seller and their first self published title. It has sold millions of copies on iOS, Android, PC/Mac, PlayStation 3, and PS Vita. Now they are looking to add talented 3D artists to their fold.

@PinballArcade tweeted the news of the job posting on Gamasutra one minute after punch-out time. Instead of wrapping things up and going to their lakeside home near Big Bear Lake in Southern California they decided this was more important.

If you think you cut the mustard as a 3D artist, then take a hard look at the job description which I’ve copied below for your convenience:

• Work within the art team to create realistic and stylized models at multiple levels of detail.
• Flexibility to create man-made and natural-form models.
• Ability to create own texture maps, both hand painted and using photo reference.
• Efficiently arrange the UV unwraps and apply textures to the models.
• Ability to create high resolution models for use in generating normal maps.
• Experience with simple and complex rigs and skinning.
• Work with animators to refine character modeling for effective deformation.
• Strong technical understanding and ability to learn new tools.
• Can extend skills to other art disciplines such as 2D and interface design as required.
• Take direction to achieve a consistent and pleasing visual style.

Qualifications/ Expertise:
• Two or more years of modeling experience.
• Excellent sense of proportion, form, detail and composition.
• High degree of proficiency with 3D Studio Max, and Photoshop, Zbrush or Mudbox.
• Has a Bachelors degree.
• Self-motivated and committed.
• Creative problem solving.
• Great communicator both verbally and written.
• Passionate about video games.
• Portfolio required.

Bonus Skills:
• Strong traditional artwork in a range of styles.
• Set design and a strong sense of architectural styles.
• Character concept design.
• Graphic design.
• Cloth dynamics and secondary motion

Good luck, and let us know if you’re applying. We’ll put a good word in for you!

[via Gamasutra]