Jul 31st, 2012

Being true fans in this industry, like we all are, sometimes makes us loose sight of the things that really matter in life. Not that we are bad people, we are just passionate. Spending our days finding every news article on Halo 4 or searching the internet caverns for the latest on if Metal Gear Solid 5 is real or not, all while in-between playing non-stop, shows a true love and devotion that we all share towards gaming. Xbox gets this, and they want to convert our die-hard loyalty to something that really matters: creating miracles for ill children. And to that I say ABSOLUTELY.

What Xbox is doing with their Gaming and Giving for Good event, which is in partnership with Extra Life, a Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals fundraiser, is something we can all stand behind. Its actually quite simple, here’s what we do:

1. Register here and create your personal fundraising page.

2. Raise money by asking your friends and family to donate money for each hour you play.

3. Play video games on Xbox LIVE on August 18 for the number of hours you promised.

How is that not the greatest fundraiser, atleast in our biased opinions, to ever come to fruition? This event is perfect for two reasons: 1 we get to play games and 2. we get to play games while participating in something truly rewarding.

Please think about participating in this event. You’re probably going to be on Xbox Live on August 18 anyway right? Here is a situation where we as gamers get to make a difference simply by doing what we love to do. So why not play to make a difference instead of just play.