Aug 7th, 2012


So this could be interesting… Time will tell right? But regardless, Amazon has dove head first into the gaming industry with the launch of their shiny new game studio, aptly named Amazon Game Studios. Reportedly, AGS will be the developing body for all Amazon gaming projects from here on out. The first game up? A Facebook title named Living Classics. The description of Living Classics is as follows:

From Alice in Wonderland to ancient Greece, play dozens of colorful, lively scenes. In this new style of game, find all the moving objects.

Looks like Amazon is sticking to its reading roots for gaming ideas, for now. Living Classics looks to be a social,object finding game that takes place in many famous literary themed world, places like Wonderland and Treasure Island to name a few. Check out the trailer below.

No word on yet on whether Amazon Game Studios will push into the more core gaming areas as well as console gaming development but we wouldnt be surprised. We think it’s pretty safe to assume that Amazon has the financial backing to make pretty much any type of game they want. Stay tuned.