Aug 16th, 2012

Atomicom has let loose their hopes to bring back the glory days of arcade rally racing with the launch of their KickStarter campaign for Super Off-Road. The small, Liverpool-based developer got things going yesterday at Gamescom in Germany.

Before reading any further, I highly recommend you watch the video above first. It is not your normal “this is why you need to donate to us” plea. When you have youtube gaming geek super-freakout superstar Francis as your MC to kick off your kickStarter, well it let’s just say it gets it going right.

Makers of the popular mobile title Bang Bang Racing THD, Atomicom is striving to make their “biggest [title] to date.” The problem, obviously, is they don’t have “the money to make this the best racing game available on mobile.” Super Off-Road hopes to be the fun, race-against-the-clock while picking up as many power ups as possible, arcade rally racer we all remember and loved playing. But Atomicom can’t do it alone.

Super Off-Road is “Split second off-road racing through stunning environments, with jumps, drifting, cash pick-ups and power-ups.”

The developer is offering some really great benefits if you decide to help out the cause. If you donate $25 or more you will receive a free copy of the latest game House Of Golf on either iOS, Android, PC or Mac and you’ll also receive every game Atomicom develops for the next 2 years for free as well as having your name in the games kickstarter credits. Higher up the pledge tiers sees you getting credited as a team member in the testing section ($125), a limited edition Super Off-Road USB Stick filled with goodies ($250), and even Atomicom turning your name into a logo which will be featured in the game either on a vehicle or around the track ($750).

And if you really want to give Atomicom some big time love and go the $1,000 donation route, here is what you get:


As well as the above rewards Atomicom will also name one of the tracks/cars or events after you glorifying your donation for all of time, or until the sun engulfs the earth in about 5600 million years time.


Lower tier rewards and you will work with one of our artists to design one of the car skins in the game. You will also receive a very exclusive Samsung Galaxy Tab2 10.1 or Ipad Tablet painted with a vehicle featuring your design on the back of the tablet.


As well as all the above rewards you will also have the chance to have your own car featured as one of the games vehicles. Atomicom will model your car, pimp it up for the game and name it after you. You will also receive some exclusive images of the car for your own personal use.


As well as all the above rewards you can come to the Atomicom studio and spend a week working with the team on the game and be credited as Associate Producer in the title. (Flight not included)

(For complete list of pledge levels and benefits for each, see kickstarter page)


Another added bonus for donating the max amount is not only do you get to work on the title with the team, but Mike will gladly take you to the Cain’s Brewery for a brew tour which is just across the street from the office. Cheers!

Atomicom is also promising that if the goal amount is “smashed,” they will bring the title to both Xbox 360 and PS3.

Feel the need to help out? Click the source link below to check out the official KickStarter page!

[Super Off-Road KickStarter]