Aug 17th, 2012


SCE Japan Studio has created a very intriguing looking PlayStation Network title, rain.

Revealing rain at Gamescom, the game takes place in a dark and mysterious world where you play as a young boy who sees a girls sillohette in the rain. The boy, soon after seeing the invisible girl, to becomes invisible. The cool thing is that his figure can only be seen when it is raining. Not only is his figure revealed but also other figures are exposed in the rain, revealing an entirely different ghostly world.

From the looks of the trailer, the character is only truly seen when it is raining and is invisible to the world when out of the element. This may make for a pretty unique controlling experience, and maybe even a frustrating one. Regardless, rain looks to be one of those beautiful and haunting games that very well could be a gem.

Take a look at the announce trailer above.