Madden 2013: Franchise, Rushing Attack Gone- Fans Cry

I love Madden. It’s by far my favorite video game franchise, largely because of my love for Football. But even more than typical Head-to-Head mode and Online play, I’ve become obsessed with two specific game modes: Franchise and Rushing Attack. Unfortunately, these are both missing from Madden 2013.

You may say what EA says: they’ve combined their “Superstar” mode and “Franchise” mode into one awesome “Connected Career” mode. I disagree. Completely.

The beauty of Franchise Mode was that you got to take your team through the season without any BS. You could do fantasy draft, set your league rules, play with multiple friends, and begin your quest to create a dynasty. Each off-season you played out the NFL draft and endured the hardship of re-signing players, staying under the cap, and signing free agents. You dealt with injuries. You truly felt like you were in control of a team… but in a way that was simple, straight forward, and enjoyable.

The new “Connected Career” mode abolishes all of the ease and simplicity of Franchise Mode and adds in annoying bells and whistles that make gameplay seem cumbersome. They take out features that make the mode seem exciting like the Fantasy draft and true multi-player ease. I’m heartbroken… and will likely end up playing Madden 2012 more than 2013 unless somehow my mind is changed.

Whereas Franchise Mode was a more long-term and engaging level of gameplay, sometimes you want to play Madden but not a full game that takes about 40-minutes. And dumbing down the game settings to 2-minute quarters just seems lame. I absolutely loved “Rushing Attack” where each player has 1 minute to run for touchdowns against 3 defenders. I considered it arcade Madden, where you could get a quick fix, fit in tons of gameplay in a dumbed down setting, and lots of people could trade off without having to sit on their tush doing nothing.

In Madden 2012 I even like some of their alternate mini-games such as the set plays and covering receivers. But those are gone too.

So right out of the box I’m disappointed in Madden 2013 because Franchise Mode and Rushing Attack are both gone. My XBOX will soon have water damage because it will be lying in a puddle of my tears.

What do you think? Are you too disappointed these features are gone? Or were they seldom used by you and your friends? Let us know in the comments below!

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  • Matt

    My wife and I would play franchise games together. We’re very upset that this feature is gone

  • al b

    No fantasy draft sucks!

  • Matt

    total bummer. Loved the GM style Franchise gave you.

  • Dis A Pointed

    Why 2013?!? Why!!!!????!!!!

  • Steve

    Worst madden ever!! All my friends are heated about this bs!! Boycott madden 2013!!!

  • Angelo

    This totally sucks that Franchise mode is gone. I specifically purchased NCAA so that I would be able to download my college draft picks to Madden 2013.. Sucks they took franchise mode out…

  • wyldecat

    i suffer from arthritis so it is hard for me to play the game..that is why i love coach mode…which is not available in the new career mode…i too liked the fact that you could take ncaa players and bring them into madden….they really screwed the pooch on this version…i think i am going to take my copy back to the store today.

  • Q

    I will be taking my madden back to the store if they accept it. I didnt even read anything about it because I didnt think ea would be stupid enough to remove the fantasy draft. Seriously I will never buy the game again if its not put back in and basically its all I play anyways.


    This is BS this madden blows

  • Shawn

    What a bunch of idiots franchise mode made this game and is the only thing people play it for besides online gaming. Will the store really take it back because you aren’t happy with the game?

  • Shockwave

    Yeah, I think this New Madden 13 is a Joke. I liked Rushing Attack because you had a chance to play against Numerous People if you had like 10 people at your house. Whoever Scored the points would Win, Loser gives up the paddle, move on to the next person. Or in most cases with me, I have lil’ nephews who are Fanatics like me that would instantly play rushing attack just to part of the Rushing Attack Tournament with us adults always. Be. And than Franchise Mode would be the Highlight every time you Won the Super Bowl. I am too Sadden that EA Sports would do this to Loyal Fans. No wonder 2K Sports is starting to Trump them because they forget what Helped them get to this point in their Franchise as a Dominant Video Game Titan in this Industry….

  • rupi

    what the effin hell. this sucks. stupid madden i hate u

  • chad

    Taking madden back to store and telling them to shove it up their asses!!!! $60 wasted…so is my time.

  • Victor Hernandez

    This is horrible… there is no 2-player option on the stupid career mode that has replaced frachise mode…

  • Tisoyboy2

    Glad I started waiting a week to buy some releases. Sticking with 12.

  • alexander duff

    This is miserable, EA is going to lose a lot of customers after dropping the ball this year. I buy NCAA and madden every year just to play franchise mode and import draft classes. This year I was especially looking forward to it because I am deployed in Afghanistan and could have used the games as a means to feel more at home and to pass time. I literally bought a PS3 two controllers, madden, and NCAA for the entire franchise experience with a friend. Looks like I will no longer be buying madden or NCAA when they come out anymore. This was the only game I played on PS3 and unless next year fixes this years atrocity of a game I will no longer play anything. Does anyone know if we can rally up and write a document to submit to EA and tell them to bring back the franchise mode next year?

  • Moosewun

    Mini games were the best way to see who was good and who was great.
    Anyone could play the games and it was a blast with multiple people

    Franchise mode was more was more owner and if you wanted to play
    a game or two you could
    Now there’s more b.s to deal with in madden 13.

    Still can’t believe they left them out MiNi~GaMeS!
    If EA Asked any madden owner why they loved madden games
    they would have easily seen “We need to keep the simple lil games”


  • Saber tooth

    Madden SUCKS period!!! Offline it sucks!!! It’s a good game and what they changed is good but what u just said I agree 150% taking franchise mode out makes this game not worth my money and more importantly my time… Thanks to all the a-holes at EA for 1 disappointing madden 13 connected who cares mode so they can make more money by trying to make us purchase online bs to try to make this game work for us the franchise fan.. Well I’m here to tell u it’s not going to work for me, this game gets taken back to the store just on GP cause it’s BS… This is not world of the Warcraft or how ever u say it.. It’s supposed to be madden football not madden screwyall… It sucks.. I can’t even begain to try to play it online in a regular match cause I’m sooooo disappointed in the offline connected BS.. It’s garbage we’ll to me a madden player gamer and a true fan since 88 when I was actually able to play a video game.. I feel more robbed than manny PAC man pacqiou how ever u spell it vs timmothy bradly robbed, dissaponted, heartbroken!!! 25 years of marriage down the drain broken.. Thanks madden n who ever came up with this so called ideal I hope you fn fire their you know what for a not so bright ideal after y’all lose all the money or returns from disappointed fans and loyal fans… Oh how I wish 2ksports had nfl rights… BS…

  • Badblade

    I cant believe the inexplicable removal of Offline Franchise Gameplay. While diehard solo gamers and online players may not notice the omission of this beloved feature (that has been part of Madden for over a decade), I can assure you that fans that have religiously assembled friends together for beer and snacks for season after season of franchise management – trades, head to head, drafts, and social enjoyment of the annual Madden installment… are horrified.

    In my own Madden Franchise Group, we are hanging our heads and going back to 2012 to start up a new Franchise. Those of us that stepped into the beartrap and bought this year’s Madden look forward to trading it in for Borderlands 2 releasing in the next couple weeks. Mass Effect 3, Battlefield 3, now Madden 2013. EA seems to be on a crusade to ruin my enjoyment of their games… games that I look forward to the most… only to be disappointed and frustrated with their penny pinching ways and fan-ignorant decisions.

  • Kdub


  • Nick

    In the words of Charles Barkley, “dats terrorible”

  • Face blaster

    This is all we have ever wanted….shut your whorish mouth. It’s brain dead tools like you that have forced me to suffer simpleton franchise mode because you are merely capable of sucking all the O2 out of the atmosphere

  • Big RG

    The Fantasy draft was one of the absolute best features of the game, I also created more than one player for my franchise team? Who did they poll about this game???

  • Kenny

    I have a group of friends that have been playing Madden since 1991 or 1992. We play every Tuesday. We have been playing franchise mode since it began. The game is now a useless boring piece of garbage. They ruined a good thing. All we can do is play one on one exhibition games and this is getting old quick. They should do the right thing and make an update available online for free. I feel ripped off and cheated by EA Sports and the Madden “FRANCHISE”.

  • Kenny

    For the first time ever, I bought the 1 year extended warranty from Toys R Us. It is guaranteed for anything, so something is gonna happen to this disc of trash and I will exchange it for a new unopened one and sell it to another poor unsuspecting Madden fan.

  • Kenny

    Yeah, what he said. In summary, this is GARBABE. Can we get an attorney general on this to file a class action suit forcing these chumps to fix this. What about congress? I could care less if Mary Bonds took steroids, but this IS important and people need to be indicted and fired at the very least.

  • Kenny

    I have a group of friends that have been playing Madden since 1991 or 1992. We play every Tuesday. We have been playing franchise mode since it began. The game is now a useless boring piece of garbage. They ruined a good thing. All we can do is play one on one exhibition games and this is getting old quick. They should do the right thing and make an update available online for free. I feel ripped off and cheated by EA Sports and the Madden “FRANCHISE”.

  • Jayz9293

    I just bought MAdden 2013, I know I am a few weeks behind. So from what I see and hearing, there is no Regular Season mode? If so, thats crap. Whats the point of playing, if you can’t play a whole season. Help me if I am wrong, I have not been able to find the way to just play a season. Help