Aug 28th, 2012

I love Madden. It’s by far my favorite video game franchise, largely because of my love for Football. But even more than typical Head-to-Head mode and Online play, I’ve become obsessed with two specific game modes: Franchise and Rushing Attack. Unfortunately, these are both missing from Madden 2013.

You may say what EA says: they’ve combined their “Superstar” mode and “Franchise” mode into one awesome “Connected Career” mode. I disagree. Completely.

The beauty of Franchise Mode was that you got to take your team through the season without any BS. You could do fantasy draft, set your league rules, play with multiple friends, and begin your quest to create a dynasty. Each off-season you played out the NFL draft and endured the hardship of re-signing players, staying under the cap, and signing free agents. You dealt with injuries. You truly felt like you were in control of a team… but in a way that was simple, straight forward, and enjoyable.

The new “Connected Career” mode abolishes all of the ease and simplicity of Franchise Mode and adds in annoying bells and whistles that make gameplay seem cumbersome. They take out features that make the mode seem exciting like the Fantasy draft and true multi-player ease. I’m heartbroken… and will likely end up playing Madden 2012 more than 2013 unless somehow my mind is changed.

Whereas Franchise Mode was a more long-term and engaging level of gameplay, sometimes you want to play Madden but not a full game that takes about 40-minutes. And dumbing down the game settings to 2-minute quarters just seems lame. I absolutely loved “Rushing Attack” where each player has 1 minute to run for touchdowns against 3 defenders. I considered it arcade Madden, where you could get a quick fix, fit in tons of gameplay in a dumbed down setting, and lots of people could trade off without having to sit on their tush doing nothing.

In Madden 2012 I even like some of their alternate mini-games such as the set plays and covering receivers. But those are gone too.

So right out of the box I’m disappointed in Madden 2013 because Franchise Mode and Rushing Attack are both gone. My XBOX will soon have water damage because it will be lying in a puddle of my tears.

What do you think? Are you too disappointed these features are gone? Or were they seldom used by you and your friends? Let us know in the comments below!

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