Sep 14th, 2012

With the Ouya console having taken the world by storm last month, the developers have a tough road ahead of them. The Kickstarter campaign collected almost $9 million dollars, making it the most funded campaign in Kickstarter history. So what have the devs been up to in the month since the campaign ended? A trip to Taiwan and Hong Kong ensued to meet with manufacturers in order to bring the Ouya to life. The devs have decided on their manufacturing team and they’re now finalizing the circuit-board layout and overall design of the console itself. Final touches like the color, materials, and finish have also been decided.

The devs also claim that the SDK is on track to be delivered this December, which means Android devs across the world will have a chance to make sure their games and apps are available for the Ouya console. If the SDK is released on time, that leaves about 90 days for testing before the official launch. Seems like these guys are cutting it close, but they’re hammering out all the details big time. For devs who are interested in sharing their games, you can contact them at

The team is looking for individuals who can rock Ruby on Rails and are familiar with Android development, so if you’re interested in launching Ouya, send them an email at and let them know you’re interested in being part of something big. Later on the team will have a survey exclusive for those who backed them on Kickstarter and reserving their usernames on the service. The first factory manufacturered prototype is underway, so it looks like the Ouya devs may just make their tight development schedule after all.