Oct 1st, 2012

When media uses the term “retro game”, they are usually talking about a game from the 90s. Sega is going old school with the term retro by reintroducing the world to Zaxxon, an arcade game from 1982 that featured flashing lights and a wooden enclosure. Zaxxon Escape is the iOS/Android reprise to the arcade feel of the original.

We need to see the game in action, but its described by the Sega Blog as “a fast-paced game to challenge your skills and take command of the Zaxxon ship all over again.” We can safely assume that the mobile game template is being applied to game. We won’t get our hopes up for a game that has us sitting down playing hours at a time progressing through a console-quality gameplay experience.

Take a look at the images below and let us know what you think. And if you think we ask you to tell us what you think too much, tell us about that…