Oct 3rd, 2012

PlayStation Mobile has gone live and GameFans is here to walk you through exactly what it looks like so far. Are you wondering what PlayStation Mobile (PSM) actually is…then you need to watch and read.

PSM is a digital download store that sits alongside the Games and Video tabs in the PlayStation Store for Vita. Its also available from PlayStation Certified Android devices and comes with its own official PlayStation touch screen controller when needed.

The selection of games right now is 21, though more are on deck. There were closer to 30 titles expected for the official launch, but a few had some unexpected issues and are scrambling to get published to the store. Those on Twitter are trying desperately to spread the word about PSM, because for some reason there is no marketing coming from Sony.

Usually, the PlayStation Blog is on top of the news before it happens, especially when said news pertains to the addition of 1st party games or services. While this is one of the biggest service launches for Sony since PlayStation Plus, they seem to have forgotten about it. Though, all that could very well change in this weeks Official PlayStation Blogcast or future posts.

Have you visited PSM from your Vita or Android phone or tablet? Let us know what you’ve downloaded and your opinions.