Dec 31st, 2012

This weekend Microsoft’s cloud service for Xbox LIVE experienced some technical difficulties, causing game saves to be unable to sync properly for may Xbox LIVE users. Understandably many users of Xbox LIVE were disgruntled, as cloud saving of games is a gold feature and the first rule of marketing is if your customers have to pay for it, you better be damn sure it works.

As a gesture of good faith to those affect, Microsoft will be granting a free month of Xbox LIVE Gold service to those who were affected. Xbox LIVE General manager Alex Garden was quick to cue disgruntled customers into the gesture to help assuage some of the bad press  gamers have been tossing Microsoft’s way through social media like Facebook and Twitter.

“We will be automatically applying a one-month extension to the Xbox Live Gold memberships of everyone who was impacted. We can assure you we’ll also be doing a thorough post-mortem to help prevent this from happening again.”

In addition, Major Nelson has commented that Microsoft is acutely aware of those people who were affected, so there’s no need to contact Microsoft and let them know of your issues. Your free month of Gold will be granted automatically to your account.

[via GamesBeat]