Jan 3rd, 2013

This webisode is brought to you by the color blue and the letter “I”. Because you’ll be seeing a lot of blue eyes in the second of a pair of teaser trailers for Jason Rosete’s CoD-inspired Black Ops 2 Zombies Revolution live action web series.

I’m remembering a certain web series based on an uber popular fighting game that single handedly created the ESRB back in the 90s, rhymes with Formal Wombat. Mortal Kombat Legacy was so popular, deservedly so, that it received the Blu-ray treatment and is now accompanying my personal BD library.

Jason Rosete Films brings us a glimpse of what might be a decent live action take on the acclaimed zombies mode in Call of Duty Black Ops 2. Details about how similar this web series will be to the Activision game are simply nonexistent at this point. Though, sentiments shared through comments on the YouTube video tell us there will be an audience, albeit a small one.

Do these trailers, particularly this second one, do the video game justice or is this a lost cause? Maybe you have a webisode or video of your own you’d like featured here. Share it with us in the comments section below and we may post it on GameFans or one of our sister sites.

[via Jason Rosete Film]