Jan 16th, 2013

Disney have finally officially announced the Disney INFINITY project, which turns out to be a Skylanders-like game for Disney characters. The game is slated to be released in June and has several physical figures from Disney IPs that can be purchased separately to be used in the game. Players can set these figures on the portal that is connected to the console and then take control of that character in the game. The Skylanders parallels are neck and neck, so it’s pretty safe to say that Disney saw the success of the Skylanders franchise and wanted to capture that with their own lovable figures.

Disney Infinity will support up to three interactive pieces that can be used at once. The game will launch with 40 interactive pieces. This includes 17 chracters, as well as power up discs and playsets. Power up discs allow players to boost their attributes and gadgets, while playsets will provide a whole new setting of the Disney universe to explore.