Jan 16th, 2013

Spinter Cell Blacklist was slated to be released sometime this April, but the game has been confirmed to be delayed until August 20, 2013 as revealed in the newest trailer released by Ubisoft. Blacklist is labelled as “the most ambitious Splinter Cell” yet, as Sam Fisher is now voiced and motion-capped by actor Eric Johnson. The “new” Sam Fisher heads up 4th Echelon, a new secret unit that answers to the President of the United States.

The game is the first title to be developed by Ubisoft Toronto and will feature single player, Conviction-style co-op and the classic Spies vs. Mercenaries mode. No mention has been made about the rumored Wii U version of the game so it’s still up in the air whether or not Nintendo’s latest console will see the stealth-action game.

[via CVG]