Jan 24th, 2013

I find that Disc Golf, or Frisbee Golf as I call it, is pretty regional. For those that don’t know the concept let me quickly explain:

  • The frisbee is the golf ball
  • The tree is the hole
  • Hitting the tree with you frisbee is the equivalent of hitting the ball in the hole

Pretty simple, right? That’s exactly what I love about this game, both in real life and in the video below:

The graphics are simple vector style and look great. The gameplay concept is straight forward and appealing. The graphics rendering seems smooth. There really isn’t much bad you can say about Around The Rock Disc Golf Challenge, except for maybe a requested name change; that’s an awfully long and not terribly descriptive title.

The game has only recently been launched, on both Android and iOS, and has earned quite good reviews. We’ve been told by the developers that the OUYA version of the game will have features exclusive to the console and we’re excited to learn exactly what they are. We would guess custom controls for use of the classic controller (obviously), head-to-head online play, and new levels. If we’re really lucky, maybe we’ll see a level creator?

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