Jan 27th, 2013

Alright Star Trek and Star Wars geeks… brace yourselves. If you’ve been hoping for an intergalactic space shooter on OUYA you’re in luck: Hashbang Games have been hard at work preparing Orbital Blaster for OUYA, Android, and iOS built using Unity 3D. We’ve only got a short pre-alpha trailer on which to base our anticipation, but let’s just say our curiosity is piqued.

The team behind Orbital Blaster claims their concept was inspired by the likes of Contra for its boss fights and Galaga for its simple shoot and kill approach. So… Contra and Galaga merge into Orbital Blaster? Yes please.

The story is based on the invention of warp travel, where a newly united human race seeks to expand the frontiers of civilization. One ship joined in the mission, the Hyperion, suffered an series of onboard explosion afters a warp that left them stranded in a distant galaxy with no way home. As the leader of their ranks, your goal is not only to find a habitable planet to bring your people… but first and foremost, to survive.

Game play is described as “press to fire control panel on the left and a simple DPad/analog style joystick ¬†on the right” which I found confusing. Typically, including on the OUYA, you find the main joystick on the left. I assume this explanation is for touchscreen versions found on iOS and Android, but even so, you would expect the Hashbang to insist on consistency across platforms. Is it only me, or would you also prefer seeing the D-Pad/Joystick controls on the left?

Weapons thus far include Dual Blasters, heat-seeking plasma rockets, and lightning gun packs, but they’re seeking input from the community to brainstorm, suggest, and decide upon other weapons and concepts, so tell us what you think.

Interestingly enough, Orbital Blasters was a failed Kickstarter project.

Thankfully for us the team is pressing on, noting that falling well short of their $80k goal will greatly delay their game’s launch due to lack of resources, but insisting they’re dedicated to bringing the game to market. We don’t doubt them: the company has published a series of 10 videos outlining various OUYA tutorials and examples for fellow devs so the guys at Hashbang are certainly on the grind.

We’re excited for the potential of Orbital Blaster on OUYA, Android, and iOS and will make sure to keep you up to date on developments from the Hashbang team. In the meantime, head on over to Orbital Blaster on OUYA Boards to continue the conversation!