OUYA game jam sees 166 prototypes created in just 10 days

A few weeks ago the folks developing OUYA partnered with Kill Screen to launch a 10 day “game jam” entitled CREATE. The jam was designed to inspire developers to make game prototypes for the OUYA console. Now that the dust has settled, 166 games have been made and they’re all available to be checked out here.

In order to help pick finalists, the OUYA team have enlisted several industry figureheads, such as Phil Fish of Fez, and Felicia Day of The Guild. The judges will pick the most compelling game prototypes and the finalists will be announced on February 11th. If you have a favorite, be sure and share it with your friends as there are $45,000 in prizes on the line for the developers whose prototypes are chosen as finalists.

[via Kickstarter]

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    Interesting way to give some attention to the games, instead of just the console. I’m excited to see how all this goes for Ouya. If nothing else, hopefully it gives developers more incentive to launch on Android first and iOS second… it does have fewer users after all.