SNK Playmore releases arcade perfect Metal Slug 2 for iOS and Android

SNK Playmore has released Metal Slug 2 for digital consumption on iOS and Android devices. It joins Metal Slug 1 and Metal Slug 3 in both app stores for $3.99. I’d hope by now that we are all accustomed to mobile fragmentation, as it’s fairly commonplace on both Android and iOS with so many devices aging out.

SNK Playmore’s offerings on the Android Play Store are limited to just four titles, but that’s one more today than it was before Metal Slug 2 was added. There are six games just for iPhone on the App Store for iOS and four of them are available for iPad. The Metal Slug games will run on an iPhone 3GS and above, and are even optimized for iPhone 5. Android devices with Android 2.3.3 or above will run any of the Metal Slug games.

Have you picked up any of the SNK Playmore games for iOS or Android lately? How it is running on your device? Leave a comment or two down below…

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  • Dlow-g

    Why do you say support is fragmented?

  • KosmoCrisis

    There is more to be said about the age old concept. I had edited out a few lines that further clarified the spread of devices that are and are not supported now for Android AND iOS devices. Fixing this a bit to hopefully reduce the blur…