Microsoft not worried about PS4, waiting until E3 to reveal the Xbox 720?

Sony revealed the PlayStation 4 last month at a special event, becoming the first one to kick off the next-gen console wars (unless you consider the Wii U as next-gen). This gave Sony a head start in the hype department, as everyone and their grandmother has been talking and speculating about the PS4 since.

Xbox 720But Microsoft doesn’t appear to threatened. In fact, they might not reveal the Xbox 720 until June at E3, according to our source. Sony put the ball in Microsoft’s court by disclosing the PlayStation 4 specs, leading many to wonder what the Xbox 720 might have in store.

Our source at Microsoft tells us that internally, the company isn’t worried one bit about the PlayStation 4. They’re very confident in not only the hardware specs of the next generation Xbox, but the games and the online features. Developers have had the final version of the Xbox 720 dev kit for a while now, and are pleased with its architecture.

Sony revealed the PS4 on February 20th with some powerful hardware, including an 8-core CPU and 8 GB of RAM. The console was made with developers in mind, and Sony showcased plenty of online and social features, including the ability to stream PS1, PS2, and PS3 games.

There still isn’t any hard evidence of what kind of hardware Microsoft packs in the Xbox 720, but at the very least, we know that they’re confident about the console they’re building.

It now appears Sony will have a few more months of free media buzz, as Microsoft will take their time and wait for E3. E3 2013 kicks off on June 11 in Los Angeles.

  • Ana Helušić

    Lamebox epic fail

  • keysy

    well Microsoft is on crack

  • Dirty Sanchez

    Yo why do u keep saying that? every time u write a comment about Xbox there sales go up even more. So Maybe you should say it more often because xbox needs to keep there streak of 19 months in a row as the number 1 system in America. Comon Ana make it another 20 more months

  • tkk

    MS is drunk. especially if the hardware that they’re so confident of is a garbage 1.23 teraflop gpu and outdated ddr3 ram

  • mike

    The next Xbox may end up being a huge powerful console as well, but,

    It happens internet isn’t working, or its busy, or, when I go on holidays, I don’t have a phone line, like I don’t have an internet connection.

    Even if the x720 has amazing games, if permanent internet connection is mandatory, no chances i will be buying it.

    I want to be able to play my games, even in 10 years, with or without internet, servers live, etc.
    Making it always online, its just a good way for, in a few years, if they want to make you stop playing on your x720 and move to another thing, well, it will be possible. Since they will have full access to your console, via internet, they can make anything they want. If they want to block a game, or something else, its easy.

    Always connected = no buy for me, even if they sell it for 20$.
    And I’m sure even the biggest fans, halo, gears, forzas fans, they won’t accept to have their lives and console/games being watched,controlled, etc. Too much is too much.

  • Chris Marrow


  • Jacob

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  • Chris Marrow


  • Timmeh

    We all knew MS would have a Rabbit the hat that will destroy the PS4. It is inevitable.

    PS3 is still in last place and behind with a 1.5 million unit difference. Also the PS userbase was already cut in half this gen. 100 million more games sold on the Xbox 360 also show that the PS3 was only bought as a cheap Blu-Ray player by many.
    The handheld marketshare by Sony is practically non-existent and is basically dead.

    Sony PlayStation will not survive the next generation, that’s a definite!

  • Chris Marrow

    YOU SOUND LIKE A COMPLETE DUMB ASS = PS3 allready outsould 3shity and with microsoft next hard to develope for system sony is on track once again to outsell them so please STFU!!!

  • Timmeh

    WRONG! The quarterly financial report proved those IDC as WRONG as you are now. Cry me a river. PS3 is still the Last PlaceStation.

  • Ron

    That is just a rumor and very likely untrue because there are always people like you around.
    Only PauperStation fanboys like to propagate that news because it makes the PS4 look friendlier. But Engadget already proved that the PS4 has the same tech built in as well.
    It’s up to publishers to enforce always on or other copyprotecting measures.

  • Johnny

    Wow bitches have nothing to play on PauperStation, that’s why they go around the internet posting bullshit. Is your lame box that lonely? Epic fail on your part then as you’d do well in the red light district!

  • dafuzz

    Speaking solely for myself I am not interested in teh next xbox. Im a sony fan who has only had sony consoles and there is no game or hardware capabilitites that will make me buy their console.

  • Miller

    Right so you’re assuming they aren’t afraid because they haven’t revealed anything yet? Lol, dumbass.

  • ChknMoonDust

    Usually people say that they’re not worried or there’s nothing wrong, there’s a HUGE problem. It’s just a jedi mind trick. These aren’t the droids you are looking for. The next xbox will be amazing.

  • mike

    The news about always online for the x720 was relayed on hundreds of websites, even developers said the same thing. I’m not inventing whatever.

    Why pauperstation? Being able to afford a 600$ ps3 is better than having to wait for his daddy to buy it. Its cool to have money to buy whatever we want, even an expensive console that will give us countless AAA exclusive titles, for 10 years.

    Really, man, can you accept a ps4 or x720 that will force you to stay connected every single second?
    Imagine you are playing uncharted or halo 5, the internet line goes dawn, it stops your game without saving and returns to the dashboard. Cool?

  • Lemondish

    I disagree. There will always be a place for fresh, innovative software. It’ll be a sad day indeed if gamers decide its better to play Call of Duty 18 and Halo 7 than new IP.

  • duffman

    its funny how they say microsoft isnt doing well when in fact the ps3 sells in 3 regions and microsoft sells in 2 regions and is still beating sony that fact alone should have sony worried they only need the 2 regions they dont need japan it is a bias country anyway .

  • Doug

    PS3 outsold XBOX360 worldwide! Go play you kinetic games, dumb ass!

  • Doug

    LOL! and your lamebox? HALO, GEARS, PGR and FORZA, ahn yes… kinetic games. patetic! LOL

  • Dirty Sanchez

    Yeah were did you get those numbers? directly up your ass please! Numbers don’t lie 76 million xbox consoles worldwide and 24 million kinects sold. How’s your dildo ps move doing worldwide and your mediocre games like slycooper, God of War, and Twisted Metal. So before you tell someone to stfu you should do some research first or just suck my d**k or why don’t you put the PS move up your ass and see what kind of gaming experience you get. Im sure you’ll like it.

  • Dirty Sanchez

    But Every third party game looks better on Xbox and everything you get on Playstation comes first on XBOX. Your just an ignorant person who doesn’t know what real man games are.

  • Dirty Sanchez

    Agreed!! Sony will only do Software games for next Xbox, Steambox, or worse Nintendo .

  • Dirty Sanchez

    Gaystation has not out sold xbox. And besides who gives a crap about whats happening worldwide. I live in America. I’m not going to play games with people from Japan or Europe. And what so Gaystation can Lag and not have cross chat. You Suckers are done start saying your goodbyes to Sega or 3Doland.

  • dafuzz

    What a douchebag. Go get a life. I didnt make a comment about the xbox but just stated my preference and here you are coming out with your fanboy antics. No all 3rd party games do NOT look better on the xbox 360 and if you werent an idiot you would know this. Nor was this the case in the ps2/xbox era and I doubt it will be the same in the ps4 gen with the specs it will have. What I have heard so far about the ps4 sounds much much better than the new xbox so personally I dont give a shit about your sexist and trolling crap.

  • Manoj Varughese

    IDC actually posted number of units shipped and if people were careful to read, they wouldn’t have been misled or confused with sales data. PS3 has basically out shipped 360 units as per the increasing demands. It was around 77 m to 360’s 75.6-76 m. It sucks sometimes when reality pisses you out.

  • Yas

    Whilst I don’t agree with his PauperStation comment, he is right about it being only a rumour.

    Such rumours always spread before consoles are released, but that doesn’t make them true. For example, last gen, rumours went around that the 360 (before it had that name) wouldn’t have a hard drive. As it turned out, it DID have a hard drive, just not in the console as standard like the first Xbox.

    This gen we heard rumours of the next Xbox preventing the use of second hand games. But now we’re hearing the same about the PS4, and it’s becoming clear that BOTH Microsoft and Sony have (probably) implemented technology to prevent the use of second hand games but *only* if that’s what the publisher/developer wants, it’s not compulsory. I can imagine some publishers making it a timed feature, for example, no second hand copies of their game allowed for 6 months and then they lift the restriction.

    Hence the idea that the next XBox *must* be connected to the internet at all times is also nonsense. No doubt to get the most out of the XBox requires an internet connection, and some advance features may require the console to be connected all the times, but there’s no way it will be compulsory.

    A general rule of thumb, if a rumour doesn’t make any sense, then it’s unlikely to be true, however there may be an element of truth within it if you look hard enough (like the hard drive in the 360 and no second hand games).

    Let’s wait and see when the next Xbox is launched. :)

  • Manoj Varughese

    Yeah. enough said. We’ll see how next gen fares. Not to mention how PS3 has infact performed better with one year less in the market and yet talking about a sales difference of 1,5 mn units that’s practically irrelevant. It has unofficially passed the 360 sales a long time ago. It’s just the NPD numbers where more trade analysts rely on and they track the bigger markets and thus this difference.

  • Manoj Varughese

    Yeah live in that delusion. It doesn’t matter anymore when all the other major markets are doing better.

  • Manoj Varughese

    No point in wasting time replying to comments as such.

  • Yas

    That’s unlikely to be the spec of the next Xbox. That spec came from a devkit that was already 9 mouths old (i.e. from last year), however each version of a devkit increases in power the closer we get to the console launch until it finally includes the finished hardware. Last gen, the 360 devkit didn’t have final hardware until 4 months before launch! The 360 devkits used for demos at E3 2005 only had about 30% of the power of the final console.

    Also last gen, the moment Microsoft felt that the PS3 may be a little more powerful than the 360 (before launch), they decided to launch the 360 the week before E3 on MTV, to prevent the 360 from probably being overshadowed by the PS3 during E3.

    This gen I feel that Sony have done the same. The moment they realized the next Xbox is likely to be more powerful, they launched before E3 to prevent the PS4 from being overshadowed by the next Xbox during E3.

    Hence I can’t help but think that Microsoft are silent because they are confident their hardware is more powerful than the PS4, and therefore they are happy to allow all the momentum, excitement and hype to happen over the PS4 for now, because if the next Xbox really is more powerful, then the momentum would swing Microsoft’s way at E3 and beyond.

    Still, Sony have at last done the right thing in simplifying their next-gen console from both a hardware and software point of view by essentially doing what Microsoft did in previous gens where they took PC hardware and optimized it for use in a console. However there’s a danger that that may have gone too far in the other direction, resulting in a console that doesn’t have enough to make it special, different or stand out. I hope I’m wrong.

    I guess time will tell :)

  • mawman

    Damn this is the first guy who is actually pretty good on the facts side of things but i dont think sony are out of it yet we gotta wait and see what microsoft is going to do.

  • mawman

    lmao ur hilarious. the usa is the only country with more 360s than PS3s. Cause of the large population in the usa the 360 is ahead worldwide by 1.3 million i believe. One country can make the difference lol

  • mawman

    correction 74.5 mill

  • mawman

    All i gotta say is you all have the most skewed facts about the system and u are already bashing the other. Don’t get me wrong you can support your system but when you are wrong you are wrong. I say we wait and see what microsoft has to offer

  • pokerface

    Nope, wrong again. All data is shipped, as in sold to retailers. IDC’s predictions were just way off, like at the beginning of the gen. PS3 is still in last place and will remain well into the next gen.

  • Brony

    The dumbass is you as he is right and you are not.

  • Brony

    But officially it never has and the 360 is still well ahead of the PS3 and has obliterated it in software sales. Tim is right, you are not.

  • Christopher Bosak

    What an idiot and you think SONY is gunna go the way of SEGA. What oversiZed Bs you speak of. Xbox And its shitty live service i used for 3 months on my Xbox 360 wasn’t the best. I went back to my PS3 cause i like variety so stop hating cAuse you wish that Xbox would have great games like
    Might i add that it doesnt matter whst video game system you own it can be hacked by hackers they have a way of getting into anything. Besides XBL has also had a number o reports of LIVE members getting their accounts hacked calling Microsoft customer service and they dont get anything do t on most cases i hear.

    Heres a list of PS3 Exclusives in case ya change yer mjnd, and so what about it lacking cross game chat its about the games and the FUCKING reason why buy video game consoles in the first place.
    Uncharted, littlebig Planet, God of War, The Last of Us, Heavenly Sword, Valkyria Chronicles, MGS4, Gran Turismo 5, The Last of Us, Heavy Rain, InFamous, Beyond Two Souls, Killzone, Demon’S Souls, Dragon’s Crown, Ni No Kuni, Tales of Graces F, Dragon’s Crown,Tales of Xillia, Puppeteer, and so many more. Stop hating on Playstation and give it a try you might actually like it. I youre willing to be open minded.

  • Christopher Bosak

    How can you say that when PS4 will be less than $500 at launch. It has an easy to develop for architecture so what BS can you make up. Oh great Xbox 720 has more Halo and that same Kinect crap. The same shitty Call of Duty with exclusive map packs. That shit is why i stopped using my Xbox 360 and wet back to playing PS3 cause i want variety and Xbox caters mainly to FPS games. As it is the number of gamers in America that’re tired of the Oversaturation of FPS are increasing. COD sales are decreasing bit by bit as a whole as COD fans finally catch on that their series has long since become an utter piece of rehashed shit Craptivision ships out yearly.

    The Fps genre wont have massive dominance forever. What will MS do when Halo fans get tieed of the series.

  • Ibi Salmon

    Microsoft must be either really confident or really arrogant.

    Let’s hope it’s the former and not the latter.

  • Guest

    Before kinect was released in 2010, 360 smashed ps3 in exclusives.

  • mike

    Yes, let’s wait.
    But Microsoft really scares me. Sony does, to, sometimes, but Microsoft has absolutely no problem or shame to come up with such features.

    Whether it’s better or not, they had no problem charging people for online gaming, like they had no problem releasing the x360 with a huge design flaw that conducted to the ugly rrod. They’re like ‘let’s do this, and see if people accept it or not’. And people always accepted. I think they are really confident about themselves, they have some spare billions to fix whatever issues the x720 might have after launch, and they have a huge faithful community that will follow them and buy whatever they release. Just like I will get the ps4 and some lineup titles, like uncharted,killzone,infamous,etc, no matter how many bad critics and extra low scores they get, from some haters, the same will happen with 20-30 million guys that love playing halo or gears, and will get the x720 day one, which I totally understand, since I will be doing the same, with the ps4. Microsoft knows how faithful people are, and they aren’t afraid of whatever restrictions the x720 might come with. People will moan, the first months, but will end up buying the x720.

    While Sony may be afraid and scared of what they will do with the ps4, because they know everybody, gaming media or not, will write an article to criticize x and y feature, Microsoft, they are confident and will not care for a single second what journalists may say, if they do something wrong: they dared releasing the x360 with that huge heat issue, that classified the console with a really ugly failure rate, and journalists barely talked about it, when, if it was a Sony product, journalists wouldn’t even sleep, for writing 50 articles about doom and gloom, with the 10 reasons why Sony is the Evil :)

    I really hope these always online rumours are, well, rumours, like I hope it will be an amazing console, different from Sony one, so I can have even more games to play, and more fun.

    And yes, not everything is perfect on the Sony side.for 2 years, I’ve payed like 25% more, on the psn, thanks to a non updated currency. After a comment on the their blogs, by miracle, they updated it. Also, going from 5 possible installations of a psn item, to only 2, was really ugly. Like me, many people have 2 consoles, one fat, and a slim. If we go to a friend’s house, or family, I can’t install the game anymore, when, with 5 possible installations, I could do it. These 2 things are some examples… I may seem like praising Sony and bashing Microsoft, but sony isn’t that pure.

  • Yas

    So Sony stating at the start of this gen “The next generation doesn’t start until we say it does” was fine by you?

    I had a PS2 and Xbox the gen before, my Xbox had no problems and still works today (although it’s up in my attic somewhere) but like countless gamers, my PS2 suffer from the infamous Disc Read Error (DRE) where I tried many of the options suggested online (search for it on youtube), such as disc head cleaners and turning my PS2 upside down but with no success (error kept coming back).

    Sony didn’t expect that, it happens! Just as Microsoft didn’t expect the 360’s failure rate problems, it happens. The regulations that banned lead from solder resulted in a softer solder, this meant that a number of devices suffered from chips slowly moving away from the system board as the device heats up until eventually it loses contact. On the 360 this produced the RROD, but many laptops with NVidia GPUs suffered from similar problems (on youtube search for “nvidia gpu laptop fix”). So you think all those laptop makers released new models without caring about problems? Of course not, they were caught out by the new solder, just like Microsoft with the 360.

    Microsoft’s model for XBL allowed them, publishers and developers to make money and gamers were willing (and most happy) to pay for what that service offered. Sony’s approach with PSN didn’t provide sufficient income for anyone, hence I don’t think we can assume things will be the same for the PS4, I expect we’ll all be paying more compared to PSN this gen, but how much more remains to be seen.

    But to be honest, I’m not interested in what happened before, since this has ALL been discussed countless times for years by millions :) I’m now only interested in what the next-generation of consoles will bring.

    Each generation is a reset for the company. Hence no-one expected the Wii after Nintendo produced the GameCube, no-one expected the PS2 to be the most difficult to program when the Playstation was the easiest the gen before. No-one expected the 360 reliability problems when the Xbox was so reliable the gen before. You can see the reset in the PS4, where after two gens of overly complicated hardware, they’ve now taken the same approach as MS (so far) of taking PC technology and optimizing it for a console together with unified memory. There’s a danger they may have gone too far in that direction, but time will tell. The next-gen Xbox will also be a reset in some way, so let’s wait and see instead of jumping to early conclusions. :)

  • Dirty Sanchez

    Yo you get a life your the one trolling on a Xbox article bitch!!! And how would you know if 3 party games look better you don’t have the system stupid!!! Let’s See if you can play Fallout 3 and Skyrim and not go through glitches and frame rate issues. Oh yeah we never saw games like that on Ps2. But we sure saw Morrowind and better fps shooter games on the original xbox that your probably playing now. So don’t let me go there and slap your jabroni ass across the room bitch!

  • Dirty Sanchez

    Don’t make me slap you too little girl.

  • dafuzz

    Lol. What are you? A nine year old? Using a wrestling quote. I’ll make this my last comment since arguing with an idiot like you is a total waste of time. First, I am not the troller here you are. I never made a comment about xbox, just stated my opinion whereas you started insulting me and trolling. As for the quality of games, sure some games are better on the xbox360. Similarly some games (like a number of japanese ones) are better on the ps3. As for the ps2, please stop trying to embarass yourself by suggesting the xbox library was greater than the ps2. I mean seriously? You really think that? Lol.

  • dafuzz

    I agree. I am done with this thread. cheerio.

  • mike

    Yeah, both Microsoft and Sony did many things wrong.hope they will learn from their mistakes, so we can buy both, and have 2x more games. And hope they will stop their 1 day,1 week,1 month exclusivity,even if its not their fault if studios accept some cash for such businesses. I remember having to wait like 1 month before I could get my Lara croft-guardian of light on the psn.

    One thing I’m really happy, its the new amd apu, thanks to its low frequency, shouldn’t require a reactor-like fan, and both consoles could be really really silent, with a nice low noise corsair-noctua-etc low speed fan, since their first revisions, unlike the noisy 360, and the fat ps3, that was just a little more silent.
    Today, we can have atom or ion processors , at 1.8-2GHz, totally fan less.


    I prefer Xbox had both years and can honestly say xbox is better some reason ps3 game dloads and massive and they looks same as 360 version witch is half the file size and the system seems a lot slow navigating menus but when u finaly get on game its same with more loading time. Now to slate xbox a little only problom i have with them is i have 6 faulty xboxs over the years and bout 10in total and know people who bought a few aswell that wasnt covered once 12 month warrenty had expired so that will be why they have sold so many units cos i bet theres thousands in peeps cupboards . Not enough exculive games for 2consoles so one will fail and i think i know who but time will tell

  • Yas

    Agreed my friend, some good points there :)

    I can’t wait for E3, it should be a great show from both Sony and Microsoft., hence I’m *really* looking forward to it.

    This my last post here for now, thanks for making this an enjoyable discussion.


    I am guessing that the average age of you lot is about 14? All spotty little fanboys waggling their doodles at the prospect of playing the next COD on their mum’s TV…
    Microsoft has not announced their plans yet, so please be patient, and stop making yourselves look silly by insisting one will be more powerful than the other.
    they will probably be much of a muchness, much like this generation!
    I have both a PS4 and 360 and they both have great exclusives and positives, except for the PS controller which is too small and is generally crap compared to the Mansized 360 pad which is universally accepted to be the benchmark in controller excellence!

  • The Clockwork Being

    The Wii sales on the other hand seem pretty high…