Jul 27th, 2016

PS4 Firmware Update

Yesterday morning, Sony announced the beta for PS4 firmware 4.0. The beta begins in August with an expected launch later this fall. With a new firmware means new features (twice a year), so we decided to cook up a list of what we hope to see in the PlayStation 4’s newest update.

1. Folders

PS3 Folders

Being able to sort through the your own library is great, but for some that isn’t enough. Some people, like me, might want to organize games in very specific ways like by publisher, developer, reviewed, and so on and so forth. Giving users the ability to organize their collection of games how they see fit would at least circumvent the need to venture into their cluttered library. Speaking of that cluttered library…

2. Hiding items in the library

PS4 library

As much as I appreciate being able to look at some of the old betas and alphas I’ve participated in since I got my PlayStation 4, there comes a time when that content loses its value. Instead of being nostalgic reminders of good times, they’re roadblocks that I have to get by on my destination to a desired game. While hiding one game might not seem like it would do much, just imagine hiding 30 games you don’t want to see in a list of 40 or 50.

3. Two-Step verification

PSN sign in

Security is one of the most important aspects of managing any type of account, no matter how much information it holds. With PlayStation Network accounts having access to many users’ credit cards or PayPal accounts, it’s important to add an extra layer of protection to ensure that information stays safe and out of the hands of hackers.

Yes, having a secure password is important, but that’s only one part of the equation. The other half, 2-step verification, would ensure that should someone brute force their way into your account, they wouldn’t be able to do anything from there because they still need the code generated on the smart device linked to your PSN ID.

4. Gifting

PSN Wishlist

This is the obvious next step since we already have the ability to place things in wishlists. The lists alone are helpful for remembering what games we’re interested in just in case we want to purchase them at a later date, but it’d be nice to be able to send games to our friends when we’re in a good mood.

5. Pinning Games


Sometimes I just want a game to stay at the front end of my home screen and not have to worry about it being pushed back by something else.

6. Better community integration

PS4 Community

The community feature is about as under-baked as one could make it. Instead of functioning like a forum, allowing friends or random strangers to reply to one another and receive a notification about that reply, the current community is nothing more than a gathering of people talking over one another. You might get a coherent conversation every now and then, but without the ability to keep a conversation thread going, trying to use this feature is a waste of time.

7. Favorite Friends

PS4 Favorite Group

And finally, the one I’ve had on my mind since I got Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End: favoriting friends. The PS4 needs a way to favorite friends so people don’t have to scroll through a list of online users just to communicate with one or more people. PS4 users already have a way to get notified when certain friends come online, so Sony is at least partially aware that we prioritize some individuals more than others. Taking it an extra step, would go a long way toward saving time organizing group get togethers.

Think of something we missed? Maybe you disagree with us? Whatever the case, let us know your thoughts by leaving a comment!