Sep 19th, 2016


Easter eggs can sometimes be the best part of a video game. Finding something special that the developer took extra time to hide is oftentimes rewarding, and creepy. So, we gathered up a list of some of the six easter eggs we thought were worth finding.

Creepy AF mannequins

If you’ve played Call of Duty: Black Ops 3, you’ve probably noticed the creepy mannequins that are peppered around the Nuketown map. While they set the eerie tone pretty well, shooting off their heads or their arms within the first two minutes of a match elevates the creepy factor tenfold.

If you go the head route, once you’ve popped off the head of each mannequin, they’ll spring to life and come after you, presumably because now they can’t get a role in a Mannequin remake.

Now, if you shoot off their arms, nothing appears to happen at first…until you turn your back. Once you turn to face them again, you’ll notice they’ve moved a bit. The manneuquins will continue to advance toward you, so long as you’re not staring at them. Maybe they’re camera shy or watch a lot of Doctor Who? Who knows.

The sarcastic announcer

This is a slightly depressing revelation. Remember how chipper and encouraging the announcer for Wave Race: Blue StormĀ was? “You won the race man, way to go,” was just one of the things he spoutted should you actually win a race. It was a nice pick-me-up we don’t really see in games all too much. That completely changes if you enter a cheat code.

If you enter a cheat in the audio settings found in the options menu, you’ll unlock another, less enthralling announcer. This guy sounds like he’s had enough of life and is ready to quit his job at a moment’s notice. Seriously, listen to the video above and take in his monotone delivery, apathetic advice, and overall depressing attitude. He’s a jerk, but a game-changing easter egg.

Save the universe, one seal at a time

Here’s an easter egg that’s sure to make you smile. In Splinter Cell: Double Agent, there’s a secret mission only accessible if you’re playing with a buddy in co-op. This easter egg, discovered in 2010, sees you and your friend saving these adorable baby seals. They’re also from outer space, because why not? This mission tasks you with finding coins, feeding the seals, and saving the entire universe. The easter egg concludes with the princess seal emerging from the ceiling, adorned in a beam of light, as she thanks you and leaves.

The crowd is the key

And finally, a double-dose of easter eggs that weren’t discovered for more than 20 years.

The first of these is some much-needed advice for beating Piston Honda in Mike Tyson’s Punch-Out!! On April 8, 2016, YouTuber midwesternhousewives discovered a way to make the fight with Honda far more predictable. While making your way through the World Circuit, you’ll come across a rematch with Honda. Here, he unleashes a flurry of hits that can be countered if you’re quick. Normally, you’d need luck, but if you look at the bearded spectator in the front of the audience, his nods and ducks will inform you of the exact moment you can counter Honda’s move.

Similarly, in your first fight with Bald Bull if you look at the crowd and see someone take a picture with a flash, you can deliver a knock-out blow to Bald Bull. That’s a piece of advice from 2009 given by the late Satoru Iwata.

Did you think of an easter egg we didn’t put on this list? Let us know so we can feature it in a future article!