Sep 26th, 2016

Video games can be fun and addicting. Sometimes maybe too addicting. For these five people, this hobby led them to the death of someone close to them.

Jahmir Ricks

After 13-year-old Jahmir Rick’s older brother wouldn’t pass him the controller, Ricks stabbed the 16-year-old teenager twice with a steak knife, piercing his lung and heart. Ricks’ brother didn’t survive.

Ricks was originally supposed to be tried as an adult, but less than a year after the murder, his trial was dropped down to juvenile court.

Rebecca Colleen Christie

Rebecca Christie

A World of Warcraft addict who played the game for countless hours a day, Rebecca Colleen Christie was sentenced to 25 years in jail after her daughter, Brandi Wulf, died of malnourishment.

3-year-old Wulf ate cat litter to get while her mother neglected to feed her. Unfortunately, for the 23lb girl, that wasn’t enough. Doctors said her ribs were poking out of her body when she was rushed to the hospital.

Christie was sentenced in 2011.

Daniel Petric

After his parents locked away his copy of Halo 3, which he played for upwards of 18 hours at a time, 17-year-old Daniel Petric took matters into his own hands. On October 20, 2007, Daniel unlocked the safe that housed both Halo 3 and his father’s handgun, determined to give them a “surprise.” While his parents were on the couch, Daniel approached them from behind and shot his mother in the head, arms, and chest, and his father in the head.

Daniel then attempted to make a getaway in the family van with Halo 3 in the passenger seat before he was caught by police.

The judge at Petric’s trial stated that Petric was “so obsessed over a video game that he may have believed that, like the characters in the game, death wasn’t real.” Sadly, his mother died from her injuries.

Petric was sentenced to 23 years in prison.

Eldon Samuel III

Eldon Samuel III lived with his autistic brother and Eldon Samuel Jr., his zombie-obsessed father. Samuel Jr. was talking about zombies one night and shot his .45 caliber pistol into the air. When he returned to the house, he reportedly shoved Eldon Samuel III twice. After this brief altercation, Eldon Samuel III retaliated by taking his father’s gun, shooting him in the stomach and then in the cheek and temple while he was crawling away.

Eldon Samuel III then proceeded to grab a shotgun and knife, shoot his brother who was hiding under the bed, stab him, and then left to get a machete to finish him off. After the incident, Eldon Samuel III called the police, confessing to his crimes.

According to police, Eldon Samuel III went on to describe Grand Theft Auto V’s Trevor as “kinda cool” because of how he shoots people.

Eldon Samuel III was sentenced to 10 years in prison for killing his father and 20 for killing his brother.

Prius Online

A Korean couple showed the darker side of online gaming when their addiction to a now defunct game called Prius led to the death of their baby, Sarang.

Sadly, the couple’s objective in Prius was to raise a virtual baby who could then be sacrificed so it could return as a butterfly. Following Sarang’s death, the father was sentenced to a year in prison while the mother’s sentence was suspended.

The incident shocked director Valerie Veatch to the core. She then went on to make a documentary of the incident called “Love Child.” The program premiered on HBO in 2014.


As entertaining as videogames may be, you should never let them become an addiction. Please, stretch your legs and take a break sometimes. We promise, whatever game you may be playing is not worth costing someone their life.