Oct 3rd, 2016

Looking for a handful of great games to play while you’re on the go? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. Check out this list of 20+ games that released on both Android and iOS in September. From mind-bending puzzlers to fast-paced action, there’s something here for everyone.

10. Banner Saga 2


The sequel to the popular indie hit has finally gone mobile. Lead a clan of Vikings across hostile territory to guide your people to safety. The game is a mixture of decisions and reactions combined with turn-based strategy and resource management.

Available for Android & iOS

9. Bulb Boy


Looking for something a little light-hearted and fun? Check out Bulb Boy, a point and click horror adventure with a boy with a giant glowing head. There’s unique monsters to fight and an interesting story to unravel as you progress in this uncanny world.

Available on Android & iOS

8. Dog Sled Saga


Train a team of sled dogs to compete in competitions and win in this new simulation game. Each dog’s hunger level determines how well it performs for you and each sled can only hold so much food, so you have to be strategic about when to lob food at your pups in order to make them go faster.

Available on Android & iOS

7. Heist


Heist is a board game meant to be played with multiple people and streamed to a TV through a Chromecast or similar set up. The premise is you and your friends team up to reveal cards and the goal is to uncover your team’s cards before the other teams do the same.

Available for Android

6. LEGO Harry Potter


Warner Bros. has made the second LEGO Harry Potter game available on Android for the first time. You take control of Harry Potter and guide him through the later hears at Hogwarts, battling Voldemort in the end.

Available on Android

5. Looty Dungeon


Looty Dungeon is brought to you by the same folks who brought you Crossy Road. The same whimsical graphics are present, only instead of playing Frogger on a 3D plane, you’re exploring dungeons, gathering loot, and slaying monsters.

Available on Android & iOS

4. Monolithic


Monolithic is like playing a 3D tower of Jenga without removing the pieces on the bottom. You’re given several different pieces and you have to stack them, rotate them, and make sure you keep a sturdy base as you try to build your tower higher and higher.

Available on Android

3. One More Jump


One More Jump is an arcade platformer with one-touch controls. All you have to do is touch to jump to different platforms while your character moves, not giving you much time to react to each situation as your character gains speed. There are over 70 levels for you to beat.

Available on Android & iOS

2. Orbt


Orbt is another one touch game where the object is to keep your planet from being sucked into a black hole. While that sounds easy, there are a few other objects that randomly assault you, making your task a lot harder than it seems.

Available on Android

1. Sorcery! 4


The fourth installment of the graphic novel Sorcery is now available on both Android and iOS platforms. The journey continues as you fight weird creatures, cast spells, and shape your own story that allows you to cheat death and enjoy emergent gameplay along the way.

Available for Android & iOS