Oct 20th, 2016


Nintendo has announced the Nintendo Switch, a hybrid gaming console that you can use as a handheld or play on your big screen TV. Although Nintendo hasn’t released an official list of Nintendo Switch Specs, we’ve done some digging to compile a likely list of launch specs.

Nintendo Switch specs

The following specs are subject to change and have been compiled by the GameFans team after conducting a large amount of research. We will keep this page updated with the latest information.

Nintendo Switch Console

  • 7″ touchscreen device
  • 3.5mm headphone jack
  • Kickstand for tabletop gaming
  • Powered by NVIDIA Tegra X2 processor
  • Switch Base stand with HDMI-out and power source
  • Switch Base stand┬ácharges console and controllers alike
  • Uses Nintendo Switch Game Card Cartridges to play games
  • 2 detachable controllers

Nintendo Switch Controllers

  • Each detachable controller has its own grip accessory
  • Each controller is individually powered by their own battery
  • Controllers use Bluetooth for connection

Additional Specs:

  • Nintendo Switch vehicle mount accessory will be offered

Price & Availability:

  • Release Date: March 2017
  • Price: Unknown
  • Availability: Unknown