Nov 1st, 2016

Video game bosses come in a lot of shapes and sizes. Some are large, while others small. Some are humanoid, while others might be large piles of feces. We’ve put each type under our patented microscope to bring you the seven weirdest gaming bosses of all time.

7. Mecha Hitler (Wolfenstein 3D)


Mecha Hitler, Staatmeister to some, makes an appearance as the Episode 3 boss of Wolfenstein 3D. This is weird because, well, it’s Hitler and he’s wearing a suit of armor. Try going back to that time and playing this game for the first time. Would you expect to fight Hitler? I think not.

6. Agni and Rudra (Devil May Cry 3)


The sword-wielding duo from Devil May Cry 3 may not seem particularly weird at first glance, but upon further inspection, you’ll see why they’re on this list. Still confused? Well, look close and you’ll see that their heads aren’t just missing, they’re on the hilt of their sword!

5. Belcha (Dixie Kong’s Double Trouble)


Have you ever played any Donkey Kong game and asked yourself “but how do the barrels feel?” Of course, you haven’t! That’s why Dixie Kong’s Double Trouble answers that question for you with the very first boss: Belcha.┬áThis boss is a giant barrel with a face. As creepy as that is, the boss battle itself is pretty easy. Simply throw bugs into his mouth and watch him belch his way off the stage.

4. Mad Midget Five (God Hand)


God Hand in general is a weird game, but when you throw Power Rangers (Super Sentai in Japan) homage Mad Midget Five into the mix, that takes things to another level. This team of not-spandex wearing enemies go full force with just about every Power Rangers convention including weird poses, lasers, and combo attacks.

3. Bob The Killer Goldfish (Earthworm Jim)


Bob The Killer Goldfish might not be our number 1 pick, but the fact that a simple goldfish is a boss makes him dear to our hearts. Defeating Bob is a joke; all you have to do is knock down his bowl or (in the second game) eat him.

2. The Great Mighty Poo (Conker)


We really don’t have much to say about this one. Conker was always a funny, yet slightly risque series, so a poo boss is pretty up its alley.

1. Slot Machine (Star Fox)


And top spot goes to the galactic slot machine in the original, SNES version, of Star Fox. By venturing to the secret level “Out of this Dimension,” you’ll come face to face with a gargantuan slot machine. To beat this fearsome foe, all you need to do is fire the handle until you can get a triple 7. Creative? Yes. Weird? Double yes!


Who’s the weirdest boss you’ve faced? Let us know in the comments below.