Nov 2nd, 2016

Throughout the year, fast-food giant Arby’s has been showing their gaming side with some rather amazing social media posts.

To celebrate the launch of certain games (or in some cases, just because), Arby’s posts some type of item — whether it’s a face, body, or weapon — relating to that game. Here are just a few of their posts:


Ths is actually pretty genius due to the hybrid nature of the Nintendo Switch. Since it’s a device that can be played on your TV or on-the-go, no longer do you have to stop gaming when you want a roast beef sandwich!


We’re not sure why this post was made, seeing as how there isn’t a new God of War game launching this year and the new God of War footage was shown in June, not September. Regardless, we’ve never felt a greater need to take a bite out of Kratos than right now.


There’s even an Owlboy post!


And no, they didn’t forget Overwatch.

Whoever came up with this marketing plan deserves a raise.