Nov 9th, 2016 publishUpdated   Nov 10th, 2016, 12:53 pm

Sandwiched between news of new three channels and a brief, positive explanation of the service was sour news for PlayStation Vue subscribers: Viacom-owned networks would be removed starting November 11th. The post on the PlayStation Blog gives three examples of Viacom networks: Comedy Central, MTV, and Spike. At first glance, you might think those are the only ones.

Loss of Viacom channels could be the death blow for PlayStation Vue

You might even be fine with that. That’s until you look into everything else Viacom owns. The rest of the channels include the Nickelodeon, MTV, CMT, and BET lineups, in addition to a whole laundry list of other networks. In total, 11 channels will be lost from the starter package while Ultra (the most expensive tier) subscribers will lose 23 channels, dropping their channel count from 115 to 92.

In total, 10 channels will be lost from the starter package — bringing the total from 58 channels to 48 — while Ultra (the most expensive tier) subscribers will lose 21 channels, dropping their selection from 115 to 94 channels.

This loss impacts not only adults and teenagers who love to indulge in the programs available on risque channels like MTV and Comedy Central, but also the kids who can’t get enough of kid-friendly programs on Nick’s family of channels.

To say the least, PlayStation Vue subscribers aren’t too pleased. Here are some opinions from around the web:

US PlayStation Blog Post:


No Sony don’t I need Nickelodeon for my daughter I don’t care about the others get the Nick channels or I’m gone ):


Uhhh.. Viacom networks are a big reason why I signed up in the first place. Starting at 12:01am Eastern Time on November 11, I will start looking for a new service


Very disappointing to lose these (particularly, as a parent, the Nickelodeon/Nick Jr. channels). More transparency on how/why this happened would be appreciated, as well as whether negotiations to restore these are in process.


Comedy Central is in my top 3 most watched channels and the Nick channels were one of the few kids options. I have really enjoyed Vue, but I’ll be cancelling this week. Add those channels back and I’ll come back after I finish the contract I will inevitably have to start with my local provider :(




Well, my wife will be making me cancel this now. Fucking Sony and Viacom. I have to get cable now.


Man…. I forgot all of those were Viacom as well. The wife is going to be pissed. Might have to look at new options


Nick Jr.. No Peppa pig for my daughter? I guess I can’t sign up now. We were converting over this month to Vue, but no way now.


Welp deff canceling thats too many channels for my liking to get cut




I feel a little duped considering I paid in advance for Redzone under the assumption I’d be getting a certain lineup of channels. Yes, I could still cancel but I’d be out the Redzone fee.

Also, I know it’s likely that this isn’t Sony’s fault at all but rather greedy Viacom. It’s still annoying.


Well, this is going to anger the wife and kids, I’ll miss Comedy Central…this move alongside the lack of an Apple TV app means I will cut loose from vue to at least try DirecTV Now.


Drop the price.

You can’t say we are losing Viacom to keep Vue as a good value, and at the same time charge us the same despite the loss of all that content.


Just joined… And now just cancelling and requesting refund. Won’t even be 30 days in.


Waylo88 makes a rather good point, though. This development might be due to failed negotationas with Viacom. In the past, Viacom has threatened to take away channels from Dish Network, DIRECTV, and Time Warner subscribers unless the parties could come to an agreement over pay rates.

In 2015, Suddenlink, a cable company located in 16 states, decided to take a stand against Viacom and stopped negotiations entirely. That bold move resulted in a loss of 34,800 subscribers during Q4 2014.

The most recent numbers we have regarding PlayStation Vue’s subscriber count is “near 120,000,” an estimate that comes from a Bloomberg report in June 2016. With such a low pool of users already, high number of channels lost, and very few gained, the service’s future isn’t looking too bright.