Nov 11th, 2016


So you’ve just received your new PS4 Pro and before you sell off your old one or move it to another room, you want to transfer your old content. You could back it all up to an external hard drive and restore it on the console, but that takes a while. So what’s the easier way to do it? Why, by hooking the consoles up directly of course! Don’t worry, below, you’ll find the very straight-forward instructions on how to get through this lengthy but simple process:

What you’ll need

  1. PS4 Pro
  2. Another PS4
  3. Ethernet Cable
  4. Time and Patience

The process:

  1. Sync any trophies you have on the original PS4 with the PlayStation Network.
  2. Connect one end of ethernet cable to each console
  3. Then turn on the PS4 Pro and go through the setup process
  4. Once the set up is done, update the system.
  5. With the system updated, sign into your PSN account.
  6. After signing into your PSN account, the system will ask if you want to transfer over any content from a previous PS4. Click X to continue.
  7. Turn on your other PS4 and click next
  8. If the PS4 Pro doesn’t detect the first PS4, click “retry.”
  9. With the first PS4 detected, press and hold the power button on that console until it beeps once.
  10. Choose which content you want to bring over. The more content, the longer the transfer will take.
  11. Choose whether or not to activate the PS4 Pro as your primary PS4. We recommend doing this if you do a lot of remote downloading or other people without a PS+ subscription will be using this console for online multiplayer.
  12. If necessary, activate the PS4 Pro for any other PSN accounts being transferred as well.
  13. Continue and wait for the transfer to complete.
  14. With the transfer finished, enjoy your PS4 Pro!