Nov 14th, 2016

Some people might say video games are bad. Others might tell you that they rot your brain. You probably shouldn’t tell the kids who saved their family using video games though.

5. Racing games help hydroplaning driver

Hydroplaning, what happens when a car starts sliding on a wet road, is one of a driver’s worst nightmares. Not only do you have to deal with trying to steer your car away from any potential hazards while it’s spinning out, but you might have to do it in the pouring rain. However, for Sadiq Rahman, this is no issue. Rahman was driving with his wife, daughter, mother, and younger sister when his BMW E60 started hydroplaning. As you can see from the video above, Rahman effortlessly regained control of his car before anyone could get hurt.

So how’s he pull off such slick moves? According to The Daily Mail, Rahman plays a lot of racing games.

4. DOTA 2 saves streamer being held at gunpoint


Ok, so this one is more of an indirect save by video games, but hey, what can you do? The story follows: While hosting a DOTA 2 stream, one Nikki Elise, got up to answer the knock at her door. Her loving fans then saw her return, being held at gunpoint by two mysterious men. The fans were quick to call 911 who arrived at Elise’s house and saved her and her boyfriend.

So why’d the two men come knocking in the first place? Well, it looks like they were trying to retrieve some guns and drugs from another man, but got the wrong house. At least that’s how Elise’s statement pegs it:

“Two men kicked our door in and pointed their guns at us looking for the drugs and guns of some other man who was their original intended target but they got us instead”

Lesson learned: Never do drugs and try not to live close to drug users!

3. Xbox Live gamer helps talk online friend from potential suicide


Suicide is a very serious subject, which is why we’re highlighting this story in particular. While playing an unnamed game on Xbox Live, a Thunder Bay teenager noticed that something wasn’t quite right with his friend who he had met and played with previously online.

According to Thunder Bay Police spokesman Chris Adams, the teen says his friend was “indicating that he was feeling pretty down on himself, feeling pretty worthless, and it was a cry for help.” Luckily, the Thunder Bay boy jumped into action, asked his parents what to do, and from there, they were able to get a police officer to talk to the kid, pinpoint his location (in Texas) and get him the help he needed.

Suicide is never the answer. If you or someone else you know is battling depression (or even seems like they might be), please, please, please call the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 1-800-273-8255. You might just save someone’s life.

2. Mario Kart helps kid stop speeding car


The most important thing you can learn from playing Mario Kart is learning how to drive. You probably should still take a legitimate driving test before fully trusting your life to Mario Kart, but sometimes you don’t have that kind of time. Take Gryffin Sanders, a 10-year-old kid. He’s a little young to be driving, but not to be saving lives.

His story started when his great-grandmother passed out while driving down the Colorado highway at 60 mph. Since Gryffin had played Mario Kart in the past, he took the wheel and dodged traffic, safely guiding the car into a ditch. His four-year-old brother in the back was too busy on his iPad to notice anything was wrong. Kids these days. Gryffin attributes his driving skills to the time he spent playing Mario Kart and driving go-karts and ATVs.

1. World of Warcraft saves siblings from moose attack


Since this article’s been pretty depressing, we’re ending this on a positive note! Hans, a Norweigan boy, was taking a shortcut through the woods with his sister when they stumbled upon a moose. Just as the moose was attacking, Hans’ quick thinking kicked in as he taunted the moose, a move he learned from World of Warcraft (WoW), to divert the animals’ attention away from his sister and toward him.

With the moose’s sites now set on Hans, the boy called upon another, very useful WoW move: Feign Death. Just like in WoW, the moose saw its potential prey laying on the ground, motionless, and became disinterested, so it left.