Nov 14th, 2016

One of the most exciting aspects of following the game industry closely is waiting for big events like E3 and Gamescom where you know you’ll see new game announcement trailers. What’s even cooler is when you find out the developers snuck a tease right underneath your nose and you didn’t even realize it.

In fact, it’s happened a few more times than you’d think. Developers are always keen to continue their game’s success in a sequel and publishers are more than willing to help them along if the game proves to be popular enough. Here are five times a developer has secretly announced their games before their “official” announcement.

Ubisoft Sci-Fi game hidden in Watch Dogs 2

Watch Dogs 2 just released a few days ago, but already the gaming community is a buzz about a hidden trailer found inside one of the game’s missions. Ubisoft is well-known for hiding easter eggs to their other games in new releases and the Watch Dogs series is no stranger to that. The first game featured several references to Abstergo, which is the Templar-run company found in the Assassin’s Creed series. Watch the trailer and you decide.

Mass Effect: Andromeda

This one happened earlier this year and the game the dev teased has since been revealed. Alistair McNally is the head of Art & Design at BioWare in Austin, but he decided to have a little fun with loyal BioWare fans who were eagerly awaiting news on the next Mass Effect game after the disappointing original ending for Mass Effect 3.

McNally strolled around GDC in San Francisco with the logo for the now-announced Mass Effect: Andromeda on his shirt. Only no one knew he did it because no one recognized it.


Okay, so make this one isn’t quite fair to Digital Extremes, because they revealed information to someone they didn’t realize wasn’t authorized to have that information. While the initial story was posted on reddit and since deleted, Kotaku verified the original story as true.

The poster named UndercoverLegend says that he snuck into Digital Extremes’ office in Canada and started casually chatting with the employees there. They revealed the company is working on a new card-based first-person shooter called Keystone.

No one asked me if I worked there, I just sat in the chairs and moved around every now and then. at 12:01pm the lunch lady says that food is ready over the overcom and I join up the line. There’s a bunch of plates stacked and then you just grab the food buffet style. I sat down and enjoyed my free lunch and started talking to some people. They told me they were working on a new game called Keystone. They said it was a FPS with cards (like magic the gathering style perhaps) but didn’t explain that much about it.

Wolfenstein 2


Bethesda is just about as prolific as Ubisoft when it comes to hiding secrets about their upcoming games right under gamer’s noses. It hasn’t been announced by Bethesda, but it’s widely believed that the reference to the New_Colossus entry from a DOS screen in the company’s E3 presentation this year refers to the sequel to Wolfenstein.

Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Pain

And bringing up the last of our list of games that were teased well ahead of their official release, we couldn’t leave Hideo Kojima off of the list. He’s teased his future projects in interesting and creative ways most of his career and the last installment of Metal Gear Solid was no exception.


This .gif was put together after a random shirt advertising The Phandom Pain appeared online and the hints at lines in the logo looked familiar to what we already knew about the Metal Gear Solid V logo. The folks over at the NeoGAF forums whipped it up and showcased that the subtitle for the last MGS was hiding in plain sight with the right clues.