Dec 19th, 2016

We’ve had a few days with Uncharted 4’s new Survival mode and we’re in love. In a few hours, we managed to complete the 50-wave mode, but not before dying. A lot. Seriously, this mode can be very challenging, even on easy. That said, we’re really enjoying the challenge, so now that we’ve had the chance to get our toes wet, we’re here to help you survive a little longer than us! Below, you’ll find five helpful tips to get through survival.

5. Get your feet wet

We said we “got our feet wet” because we’re far from done with this mode. We’ve only just completed it on Light (easy) and now are going for a run on Moderate. From our time with Survival, it’s become very apparent that this mode isn’t designed for a single playthrough. The harder difficulties are certainly doable with a good enough party and tons of time, but, again, not everyone has the time for that.

What’s important to take away from this mode is that you’ll want to level up your character, get better boosters, weapons, and player buffs before you tackle the higher difficulties. Nobody’s going to laugh at you for playing Survival on easy, especially if you don’t struggle nearly as much as they might when you crank the dial up to Crushing.

4. Save mysticals and power weapons for bosses

Every other stage has a boss battle. These guys are no joke as they can either teleport, send El Dorados coming your way, or throw out a quick Indra’s Eternity. Because of this, you’ll want to make sure you have a good game plan as well as some heavy-hitting weapons. Leading up to the boss battle within a stage, you’ll kill a lot of grunts with heavy weapons. Don’t touch those. Leave them on the ground until the boss battle starts, then grab them, unload, and rinse and repeat. This ensures that you have more money for important things like revives, mysticals, or ammo for your guns.

Mysticals are very important too. As tempting as it may be, you definitely don’t want to waste these before a boss battle. Save them. Your El Dorado will be far more useful against a boss than it is a group of enemies that are currently giving you some trouble.

3. Lock & Load booster

This is our favorite booster to use in multiplayer. In PvP, rolling over ammunition with Lock & Load equipped deposits the ammo directly to your clip, instead of requiring you to reload first. We can’t count the amount of times that has saved us. Lock & Load functions a little differently in Survival though. Essentially, it gives you ammo directly to your clip with each headshot. If you’re accurate enough, this could mean near-infinite ammo for you.

2. Designate roles

If you have a team of three (or even two) competent players, it’s probably best to dish out some roles. It doesn’t matter who does what, as long as they know what they’re doing, and stick to it. Figure out what everyone’s strengths are and play to them. Maybe one guy is better at reviving, while the other has impeccable aiming skills. This is even more important on rounds that require you to collect treasures.

During these moments, you’ll probably want to have someone picking off enemies while another person runs around the map, grabbing treasures. If you have three people, then get two people to grab the treasures. Either way you divide it, as long as someone’s taking care of the enemies, this will make clearing that round and getting more stars a simpler task.

1. Practice headshots

Headshots in just about any gun-based game are important, but while playing Uncharted 4’s Survival mode, they’re almost paramount to your progression. In addition to providing a small cash bonus with each headshot kill, you’ll do far more damage than you do with regular body shots. For brutes, armored foes, and bosses, every damage you can get counts. There are even modifiers that negate body shots, making headshots all the more valuable.

Bonus: Pray

If you’re lucky like we were, then the final boss will get stuck. We still don’t know how this happened and we’re not complaining either!