Dec 21st, 2016

Developer Chucklefish has announced the 1.2 update for Starbound today, bringing some great features to the game that should make it appeal to a broader audience and give old and new players plenty to do. While at its core Starbound resembles No Man’s Sky in that both games have players visiting planets to harvest resources to visit more planets, this new update adds procedurally generated dungeons to the game.

The patch notes mention once a player has completed the main storyline quest, they can visit the mysterious trader on the Outpost to obtain a quest to activate Ancient Gateways, which serve as the access point to Ancient Vaults.

These Ancient Vaults are filled with new loot and procedurally generated bosses, which means you won’t be getting the same challenge each time. This is exactly what the game needs and from what I’ve seen on Twitch of the update it addresses a lot of players’ concerns about new content for the game.


Perhaps the main feature to come in this update comes once you get loot and finish these Ancient Vaults. Along with the Essence currency, you can transform regions or entire planets to different biomes. There are two types of terraforming included in this update. The first is transforming entire planets. The second is courtesy of Microformers, which are single-use terraformers that can add a new region to your planet.