Jan 2nd, 2017

From the time we were kids, we’ve all probably wanted to be in a video game. After all, what’s better than hooping it up with Michael Jordan or mowing down Locusts with Marcus Fenix? With VR being a thing now, that reality is getting closer and closer, although it’s not quite there, especially for viewers. Showcasing the VR experience is an incredibly hard task. That’s mostly why we suggestĀ just trying it out for yourself, rather than relying on internet videos. That said, the guys over at the “Googly Eyes” YouTube channel have solved that problem with the introduction of “mixed reality.”

What is Mixed Reality?

Mixed reality blends together elements of virtual reality with the real world. In this case, the Google Eyes team utilize different camera angles and a green screen to makeĀ Matthias appear as though he’s in the game itself. As is evident from a few of their videos, it actually works. We get to experience what Matthias is experiencing, and sometimes they’ll throw in the first-person view, for those who want it. Now, this obviously isn’t ideal for accurately portraying every virtual reality game, but it’s a great start at solving a long-standing problem.