Jan 6th, 2017

Elite Dangerous has been available since 2014 on PC and Xbox One and since then, players have been scouring the galaxy looking for signs of alien life. They’ve found ruins and hints at the Thargoid race, but one Xbox One player had a close encounter that you can see below.

You’ll notice the player’s ship is immediately torn from hyperspace before a flower-like vessel of the Thargoid’s appears to do a ship scan. The Thargoid seems to find nothing interesting about the player, as it quickly jettisons off into space. While that’s the jist of the first alien encounter in Elite Dangerous, the developers likely have tricks up their sleeves in the future.

The next steps for Elite Dangerous players are to discover where the Thargoids come from in the galaxy and whether or not they’re spreading out or remaining where they are. So far, the developers have confirmed the legitimacy of this sighting, but they’re not talking about anything else.