Jan 26th, 2017

One of the best parts of The Game Awards 2016 is the trailer for a huge open world co-op game called Dauntless. Polygon has gotten their hands on the game as it stands now and the video they showcased seems to indicate that this game is looking to bring familiar Monster Hunter combat to a brand new setting.

This should make plenty of Monster Hunter fans happy, since Capcom has decidedly stuck with the Nintendo 3DS as it’s platform of choice to develop the popular series, the graphics and controls have suffered. While the Nintendo Switch may be able to change some of that, seeing other developers experimenting with this familiar formula is doubly exciting.

This video showcases two players hunting the Shrike, which is a huge owl-like beast with a series of moves that look like something you’d see any monster in Capcom’s famous series perform. The fight flow is so similar that sometimes it can take 20 minutes to kill a behemoth and you’ll fight in a huge open area while doing it. All with the goal of crafting better weapons and armor to challenge the next foe. Sound familiar?