Jan 27th, 2017

The Nintendo Switch has certainly got a lot of people talking about the device, but after the final reveal presentation, many hardcore gamers are left with the impression that Nintendo is still floundering to find its way in today’s modern console market. I know I went from being excited to see what the Switch will offer to underwhelmed once the presentation was over.

YouTuber Tarmack got the same impression and he’s created a list of reasons why he feels as though the Nintendo Switch may have been rushed to market. After seeing that presentation, I feel like I’m included to agree with him. Let’s go through his points one by one.

1. Stock prices fell sharply after the Nintendo Switch reveal

After the Nintendo Switch was revealed, investors seemed to react the same way that gamers did. Before the reveal Nintendo stock was up in anticipation of what the new console could bring. However, once investors saw Nintendo creating more gimmicks (HD Rumble) and the lack of solid launch titles for the system, the stock dropped rapidly. Investors are not sure about the Switch because it doesn’t feel like a fully fleshed out idea.

2. Nintendo only producing 2 million Nintendo Switch consoles

Nintendo will only produce 2 million Nintendo Switch consoles for the launch window that starts March 3rd. That’s an appallingly low number of consoles considering that Sony sold around 1 million PS4 consoles during its first month, while Microsoft sold almost the same.

That means even if Nintendo sells through its launch stock, it won’t have met the same goals that these established consoles did. Lack of hardware at launch suggests Nintendo hasn’t had enough time to manufacture enough to meet demand.

3. Only one major Nintendo title available at launch

This point has been covered time and time again, but there’s only one major Nintendo game available at launch and that’s The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. It’s also coming to Wii U and has been in development for over five years. Sure, 1-2-Switch is a Nintendo launch title, but it’s less of a game and more of a demo featuring 20 mini-games that showcase the Switch’s HD Rumble feature.

There are no EA, Activision, or Ubisoft games in the line-up, which suggests that these big publishers didn’t have enough time to put together something for the new console.

4. Online services are handled by an app on your phone

Nintendo announced this as if they’re doing everyone a favor by off-loading their online service to an app that you’ll install on your phone, but there’s nothing worse than having to keep up with TWO devices to perform one task. This also suggests the company wasn’t sure how to handle online within the Switch itself and decided to go with an app approach to have something available at launch.

Not to mention, it’s only launching in North America first and not Japan. It’s free for a limited time, you get one game rental a month, and it’s official launch isn’t until later in 2017. That means no YouTube, no Twitch, no sort of apps at all on your Switch. Perhaps in the future, but not at launch. This seems to hint more and more that the launch date was definitely moved forward.

5. We’re less than a month away and there’s no UI demo

We’ve gotten a glimpse at the Nintendo Switch UI in a handful of screenshots and online press material, but Nintendo hasn’t really done a lot to showcase someone sitting down to play with the thing like you would normally. There’s no walkthrough of the Switch’s system. There’s rumors that the 1-2-Switch demos shown off had to be rebooted into developer mode to witch to a different mini-game.

When the console is only about a month away from launch and we still don’t have an accurate demo of how it performs in real-world use, this is a very bad sign.