Big GameFans Changes - Thanks For Your Patience!

Discussion in 'Gaming News' started by rob, Aug 1, 2017.

  1. As you may have noticed, GameFans hasn't had any articles in several days. Our Android App and website make zero profit and we've found it difficult and time consuming to manually moderate the latest Gaming News 24/7. To continue providing you with this awesome service, some big changes are needed.

    Please be patient with us over the next week or two while we refine our process. Rather than manually approving articles into our system, we'll be auto-approving articles from a short list of pre-selected publishers. This means you'll get MORE gaming news QUICKER, but it also means there will be some duplicates, some crappy post that find their way through, and we won't be able to tag and categorize articles as we previously did.

    These are problems we hope to solve, but it will come with time. The best way you can help us to continually provide feedback in the form of comments and let us know what is or isn't working! Things may be a little bit messy at first, but again, thanks for your patience!
  2. Shelby94mustang

    Shelby94mustang New Member

    "Over the next week or 2".....its been a month. I get this stuff takes time but come on

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