Have you played Pokemon Go?

Discussion in 'Gaming Lounge' started by rob, Jul 12, 2016.

  1. rob

    rob Administrator Staff Member

    I admittedly was never big into Pokemon, but also don't diss the excitement of Pokemon Go. However, I'm a bit nervous to even get started after seeing all the craziness surrounding the game.

    Any other ultra newb beginners that tried it out, liked it, and didn't get sucked into obsession or weird bad luck of falling into ponds, getting hit by traffic, or getting robbed?

    I assume you either love it or hate it. Which camp are you in?
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  2. James

    James Administrator Staff Member

    I've downloaded the app, but haven't given it a shot yet. I'm nervous about getting sucked in... Also the wife thinks its hilarious when I propose we go on a walk so I can give it a shot. Once it stops raining in the afternoons I think I'm going to suck it up and give it a go
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