Horizon Zero Dawn: the making of PS4 Pro's best 4K game

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    Guerrilla Games' Horizon Zero Dawn not only raised the bar in terms of technical accomplishment on current generation console hardware, it handed in the best 4K HDR presentation we've seen from any PlayStation 4 Pro title. The native 1080p output on base hardware scales up to 2160p on Pro, using a custom implementation of checkerboard rendering, but Horizon's presentation is so clean, so solid, so convincing, it passes for the 'real thing' - so how was this achieved?

    A while back, Digital Foundry spent the day with Guerrilla Games in Amsterdam, discussing the technological make-up of the game, our visit kicking off with an in-depth talk with principal tech engineer Gilliam de Carpentier on how the studio got to grips with the PlayStation 4 Pro hardware.

    "Well, let's start at our regular 1080p year rendering - we have a strong focus on anti-aliasing so whatever technique we wanted to use for having 4K rendering also needed to be at that same quality," says de Carpentier. "And obviously the PS4 Pro is a lot more powerful than the standard PS4, but rendering natively would have been too much to ask, perhaps."


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