HTC Deliver FAQ on Vive Standalone Headsets

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  1. HTC announced a new all-in-one head-mounted display (HMD) for the China market last month, the Vive Standalone, which followed the announcement of a device targeting the western market back at Google I/O in May 2017. Following some confusion about the two HMDs, HTC has offered a question and answer session to clarify the situation.

    The full FAQ is reproduced below, verbatim from HTC. You can find out more about the Vive Standalone and the reaction to it right here. VRFocus will of course keep you updated with all the latest developments on the Vive Standalone and other HTC Vive products.

    1. How is it different from Google Daydream standalone by Vive?

    This device will be the same class of standalone VR solution and is targeted for the China market. We’ll release more details at our future events.

    1. When do you expect the device to launch?

    While we cannot disclose any specific date for the device launch, we can assure you that both companies are working closely to bring this best-in-class standalone VR solution to market. We will make further announcements in due course.

    1. What market segment is it targeting and what’s the expected price range?

    While the PC-based Vive represents the most complete and premium immersive VR experience, this standalone solution aims at a broader audience who will prioritize affordability and mobility while still receiving a high-quality VR experience.

    1. Does this suggest Vive is becoming more focused on the mobile VR front than PC VR?

    We are proud of the success we’ve had building the Vive Ecosystem as the premium brand in VR. Adding a standalone product is another step in cementing Vive as the premium brand driving VR forward.

    1. Do you have plans to expand this device to other markets outside China?

    Vive is working with Google to deliver the best-in-class standalone VR solution to the western markets, and today, we are jointly announcing with Qualcomm to bring a premium standalone VR experience to the China market.

    1. Are you also working with partners other than Qualcomm for standalone solutions?

    Qualcomm is the leading mobile processor provider and Vive is the leading VR system in market. Even without exclusivity, we’re confident that our partnership will power the best-in-class standalone VR experience for China.

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