Psychonauts 2 gets a trailer and a crowd-funding campaign

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  1. Tim Schafer is back to crowd-funding games, this time using the Fig platform. Announcing Psychonauts 2 last night at The Game Awards, Double Fine seeks $3.3 million dollars in funding in order to develop the game.

    The difference between Fig and Kickstarter is that Fig allows anyone to become an equity investor, whereas Kickstarter funds are more like a donation.

    Psychonauts 2 is in pre-production at Double Fine, and the studio unveiled the project tonight at The Game Awards 2015 with a trailer.

    If the studio meets its $3.3 million goal on the crowdfunding platform Fig, it will develop the game for Linux, Mac and Windows PC with a release scheduled for fall 2018. For more on how Psychonauts 2 came about, and how the Fig campaign allows anyone to become an equity investor in the game, check out our interview with Double Fine co-founder Tim Schafer.
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