Ubisoft's continued goodwill towards the NX a good thing?

Discussion in 'Gaming Lounge' started by Gizmo, Sep 25, 2016.

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    So all the usual sites are covering Ubisoft's recent comments about the potential of Nintendo's soon to be released system. And, how excited they are for the platform. But, I wonder, is this really good news? Ubisoft were pretty excited about Nintendo's current hardware with Wii U and look how that turned out in terms of overall success.

    Considering we haven't heard so much as a peep out of Nintendo about their new system, it does feel a tad bit strange that once again Ubisoft are at the forefront of positive vibes towards Nintendo's new unreleased hardware. Especially given the fact that most of Ubi's own games this generation on Nintendo's home console have been less than great, plagued with questionable omissions, set backs, delays and buggy performance issues.

    On the other side of the coin, Nintendo seemed to leave Ubisoft high and dry when it came to any real exposure and support of the one game Ubisoft created that proved the concept of Wii U's gamepad, as worth putting in the effort for. At a time mind you where even Nintendo's own games did not.

    Given all this "history", I'd advise taking anything Ubisoft says about a Nintendo platform - good or bad - with a healthy sized pinch of salt. And, Nintendo's continued silence taken the same way for all the same reasons.

    - We all get why with all the secrecy, but it's time to let us consumers know what we "might" be buying in March 2017

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