3 ways Ubisoft is shaping up to avoid a hostile takeover

Ubisoft is nearing the end of the six-month “grace period” in which Vivendi said it wouldn’t pursue a hostile takeover. That means its game releases have to be more on point than ever.


7 tips to get started in FreezeMe

Here are seven helpful tips to get started in a FreezeME, a throwback title to the 3D platformers of yesteryear.


Nab the PS4 Persona 5 theme before it’s gone! [VIDEO]

Persona 5 fans in the US and Europe were delivered disappointing news today when Atlus announced that in order to deliver  the “gold standard” localization for the company, they needed to delay the game’s launch to April 4, 2017. Although that’s two months after it was originally supposed to launch, Atlus softened the blow with …


5 times video games helped save someone’s life

Some people might say video games are bad. Others might tell you that they rot your brain. You probably shouldn’t tell the kids who saved their family using video games though. 5. Racing games help hydroplaning driver Hydroplaning, what happens when a car starts sliding on a wet road, is one of a driver’s worst …


How to: Transfer content from one PS4 to a PS4 Pro

So you’ve just received your new PS4 Pro and before you sell off your old one or move it to another room, you want to transfer your old content. You could back it all up to an external hard drive and restore it on the console, but that takes a while. So what’s the easier …